Monday, February 4, 2013

A Little Celebration

Last night I got home late from work because I was traveling. 3 hour drives are so much more fun with a friend!
And check out this cool ice sculpture! They just hang a mist-spraying hose up high and over the winter months this is what has happened!
Anywho, to my surprise, I still beat my boyfriend home! It was so good to see him, even 1 night away was too long (cue gross yuck face haha). And he had some very exciting news..he was surprised with a really nice raise at work!!! I’m so proud of him. He works long days, at least 50 hours a week and deserves all the compensation the company will give him.
So, we went out to celebrate! After putting my heart on the line with my post about my body measurements yesterday, you would think I would have held back! And I did, in my own way! I enjoyed a buffalo chicken sandwich. I made it healthier by taking the bread off the top, and only eating half. My side order was hot apples with cinnamon. SO GOOD. My real indulgence was 3 lite beers in honor of the boy with the raise!
Then we went out with some of his friends, and I served as the designated driver :) Safety first y’all!
My question for any of you who may read this, do you have a heart rate monitor? I’m in the market for one and would like some suggestions!

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