Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gym Rant

I have had quite the busy week, and its only Tuesday? Love/hate when that happens. Yesterday at work I had an awful meal. And I don't regret it at all. We went out to celebrate a co-workers last day at a gourmet burger restaurant. I got a burger topped with port wine-onion marmalade, creamy blue cheese spread and arugula. Well worth the $8. Then, I split a french fry with a friend. Moderation ladies. 

My personal victory, I didn't use this an excuse not to workout! Instead, I jetted my butt straight from work to the gym and caught a spin class. Burned 361 calories in 45 minutes. Then, I met with a gym rep to get all set up for my membership. Cue annoying rant: I really disliked how I was approached to buy a membership at this gym. I felt pressure to buy a personal training package at $52/session for a minimum of 18 sessions (that's $936), on top of the $30/month. I gave the guy some slack and let him tell me his 'schpeal', but nicely turned it down stating that I just do not have that kind of money. This is where it turned ugly. He told me to use my credit card to cover the cost because "nothing is worth your health." Excuse me, sir, I am a registered dietitian and i KNOW that. I also know that living beyond your means is not worth it! Having debt at the tender age of 24 is not worth it. How dare you try and trick/force/guilt young people into paying that kind of money. If I need a personal training session, I will tell you. And I would appreciate some respect for my choice. Don't put me down and say that I won't reach my goal without it. I can do anything I want, and losing some pounds and toning up for summer is one of them. Mark my words gym-man, I will reach my goal however I see fit. And, my bank account will look good too. 

Thanks for reading that. It felt really good to write. Because I didn't have the courage to say it all to his face. I am a polite person who just continually said no and finally got MY point across. I just want to stress to all you who may read this, go in with a budget. Stick to it and don't give in just because it seems like a good deal. 

Tonight, I'm making Spaghetti Squash. I'll post pictures and a recipe later :)


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