Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On The Road Again...

Hey y'all!!

Greetings from Lake Michigan :)

It is absolutely beautiful up here. Just a little too cold for my taste. I prefer to be near the water when the only thing I have to wear is a swimsuit and sunglasses. Not when the first few feet of the water are iced over! Nevertheless, its a great place to be forced to go to for work. I'm here all week in order to visit multiple sites. (Don't want to go into too much detail, I think work should remain private) Anywho, here's what the hotel looks like....

Entrance to the Hotel

As MamaLaughlin might say...amazeballs. I'm feeling very spoiled, just wish my boyfriend was here with me! Unfortunately the food is less than spectacular. I tried to get a salad last night with grilled chicken but the lettuce was wilted and the dressing was gross. I usually remember to ask for dressing on the side, but I forgot this time. Lesson learned. Hopefully I pick better tonight! I have my eye on a roasted beet salad that looked pretty interesting.

Last night I also made my way down to the fitness room. Nothing fancy, but worked for what I needed! Tonight I'll get in a run (and hopefully remember to wear my heart rate monitor), then follow it up with a few Tone It Up routines! No excuses even when you're on the road, ladies!

Here's a picture from this morning, as I quickly caught the elevator with my oatmeal in hand. I got too caught up in watching Good Morning America with my coffee to be on time!

Cheers to another relaxing afternoon and happy hour with some co-workers! You can check out my updates on Instagram :)

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