Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bloggers Block

I'm going back and forth with writers block today. Not sure what I have to say that could be interesting. Hate when that happens. However, I'm swiftly approaching the 1,000 views mark and I'm pumped! Can't believe THAT many people have looked at this little old blog since it's creation on February 4th! Crap, totally missed my 1 month anniversary. WTF.

The more and more I write, the more and more I fall in love with what blogging is all about. And for me, it's connecting with people and teaching them a little something too. Whether its just a simple healthy recipe (because, let's face it...I love to cook but don't have time to go to 3 different stores looking for unique ingredients and 3 hours to prep. Even without all that I still find excuses not to work out--can't be creating more of those y'all!).

I love the conversations that can start from 1 idea as it snowballs into more. I also love trying failing at being a fashionista. And boy do I try. Maybe I'll get there someday as I keep reading Laura's blog from Walking in Memphis in High Heels (p.s - If you don't read it already, many ideas!). But most of all, I enjoy the motivation that blogging gives me. By putting yourself out there you're holding yourself accountable to something. And from what I've seen on other blogs, once you go big-time in the blogging world, people hold you accountable for everything, even  your plates that you use at home.

Still haven't shared this blog with any of my friends or family...don't know if I can do it yet. I want to be more of a "success" when they see it. Not sure what "success" means, but I'll know when I get there.

In the meantime, I have a big change coming! HubbyJack is designing me a new layout this month. I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. SHIT'S BORING RIGHT NOW. Yeah, you were thinking it too!

Please enjoy my awkward IG photos from yesterday.

My banana, in it's condom...
On camera, I will always think I sound like a man.


  1. Happy 1 month and 2 day Blogiversary!!! : ) Thanks for the shoutout. : )

  2. Oh, and I meant to say I only shared it with friends and family first. That is the ONLY way I had any readers lol! They were forced to read haha.

    1. Hmm...Maybe I'm going about this all wrong. Haha


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