Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Here’s a sneak peek picture of our new apartment! I can’t wait to get everything over here and unpack 😊
But packing can be tiring and long, luckily I was just sent ENERGYbits!! (Good transition, I know)
ENERGYbits are made by the company Bits of Health. I found them through Twitter and they wanted to send me some samples to try out. Because I'm a self-proclaimed nutrition nerd and a Registered Dietitian they had me hooked from the word algae. I love weird food. Weird food that's nutritious? I'm sold.

After opening the canister my first reaction was "smells like it's healthy." Joe-Joe's reaction was "that stinks." Well, boys will be boys and  you can drag a horse to water but you can't make him drink. So why would anyone eat these not-so-glamorous-smelling tabs? For energy ya fool!

ENERGYbits are made from 100% organic, non-GMO spirulina algae. Through the information I was sent by the company I discovered just how healthy algae is. I went to research it on my own, but couldn't find many recent studies about algae. I always like to confirm what I read from a company but just couldn’t find  everything. So, I’m going to stick to the facts.
Lets talk about how algae is a food and NOT a supplement. I love this. The company boasts that their product is made in nature, not a lab. This makes it more recognizable by your body, which in turn helps you digest it better. One little tab contains protein, cholophyll, beta carotene, antioxidants and vitamins that all work together to give your body an awesome energy boost.  And, at only 1 calorie a tab I’m not sure it could get any better.
Here’s my first hand experience with ENERGYbits...

I’m an afternoon crasher. I’m motivated to do work all morning and go workout after work until about 2pm. Then, I hit the metaphorical wall and start day dreaming about my couch. I put off my workout and say “I’ll run after I take a nap.” HAH. Usually doesn’t happen and I waste a solid hour sleeping when I don’t really need it. Plus I don’t burn any calories. Today I took 20 ENERGYbits at 2pm (serving size they suggest is 30, but I was nervous okay!). By 2:45pm I felt ready to go! That strong desire I had to workout all morning was back. I got to the gym around 3:15 and got in a kick ass workout---20 minutes on the stairmaster, 20 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes strength training. My favorite part about ENERGYbits is that I never felt jittery, nor do I now. I didn’t feel that heart pounding scary feeling of drinking too much caffeine before a workout. I just felt energized and motivated to get an awesome workout done.
The only downside to ENERGYbits seems to be the cost. It can be hard to bring yourself to pay $150 for anything, let alone an energy food. Let’s hope that America catches on and this takes off, then, perhaps that price can come down!

Side note---Bits of Health also makes RECOVERYbits which I am dying to try! It’s claim to fame is helping to cure hangovers. That sounds too good to be true and I think I should test this claim. After all, I’m a 24 year old who still wants to play with the young kids on the weekends. Who better to be a guinea pig?
Have you every tried ENERGYbits? Another supplement maybe? Do you suffer from the afternoon slumps like me?

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  1. I love algae food! It's so good for you!

    I live in California and I got the opportunity to visit Solazyme. It's an algae producing company. They make everything from gas for cars and planes to facial beauty products (Algenist - you may have heard of it, they sell it it Nordstroms, etc.) and food! I tried mac & cheese, cookies, and the algae straight. It's awesome! Can't wait for it to be sold in stores!!



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