Thursday, March 14, 2013

It's Snowing...again.

I'll never forget the first thing I said to my boyfriend after the big snow storm Wisconsin had in December: "why on EARTH did you make me move here??"

It took me an hour to get my car out of that empty spot.
Don't worry, I remind him everyday how lucky he is that I'm here. Haha. After I got past the fact that it snows a lot here, and got my boyfriend to move to an apartment where I have underground parking, I calmed down. I've embraced the winter in Wisconsin. Ice skating on a pond with my best friends from PA, indoor events like the Beer and Cheese Festival (yes, it was as awesome as it sounds) and ice fishing in the middle of nowhere on a lake.

It was -12 degrees out this day.

Endless beer and cheese samples. Heaven on earth.

Pretending to kiss a Northern least Joe got a kick out of it.

But now, I'm done. Your flakes don't impress me anymore Wisconsin! I want the spring and summer back. Summer here is way to much fun for you to not just change seasons already. I have big plans for this summer too! Taking off early on Friday's to go lay out by the pool, watching Joe play softball while I lounge (no, I will not be signing up with him. I'm too scared of the ball), running without fear of slipping on ice, camping and consuming copious amounts of sparkling sangria. So please, hurry up summer. I'll be dreaming of you in the meantime.



  1. Come to Hawaii :) We don't have snow here! XO

    Also, change your settings so you're not a no reply blogger! Yes, I will be super annoying about this. But that way when you comment on other blogs people will be able to reply to you :)

    1. The minute I have the money...I'm headed your way!! Free room in Hawaii?? Yes please!

      I tried googling it and couldn't figure it out! So I asked my layout guy how to do it..waiting to hear back! Haha

  2. You had me at beer and cheese samples :)! Found you through Hubby Jack. Love the layout and your title {and well, sangria. DUH}.

    1. Right!! All you can drink and eat samples (in 4 hours at least). Glad you stopped by and thanks for the compliments!!

  3. Replies
    1. Agreed! Just might need to put some fake tanner on my legs first haha.


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