Monday, March 11, 2013

My Inner Workout Monologue

I know that you’re supposed to be really zoned in when you’re working out.  Forget about the world, concentrate on yourself...but I have SUCH a hard time doing that. Below are the random thoughts that went through my head today during spin class:

- My ass hurts
- I need ass padded bike shorts
- My legs hurt
- I love this song (I Love It by Icona Pop)
- I hate this song (Harlem Shake)
- What should I make for dinner?
- That guy is sweating a lot, good for him.
- Why am I not sweating that much?
- My heart rate is only at 140, better pick it up.
- Why is there a shamrock on the water tower for our town?
- I can’t believe I live in a water tower town (reference to country music song, Water Tower Town by Scotty McCreery
- I like those Lululemon pants she’s wearing.
There you have it!
Are you good at concentrating during workouts or does everyday life sneak up on you?
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  1. My mind is all over the place when I am working out, especially on a long run. I'm thinking about what I'm going to eat, what I'm going to blog about, what the runner I just passed story is, and so on...

    1. Agreed! It's hard to quite the chatter...but sometimes it can be good to forget about the struggle (if your runs are ever hard on you!)

  2. LOL! Loved your random thought stream. Some days I'm really focused and into it but most of the time my mind wanders too. Our water tower has a tree on it. They had us vote for a tree or a bird. I picked the bird, the tree won. Oh well.

    1. Hahaha so now every time you look at it I bet you always think of that!! I'm going to investigate the story behind mine now!

  3. The exact same thing happens to me! But that's usually what I love about working out...clearly my head. Except in yoga!!

    1. It's amazing how yoga stops my thinking too! Mostly because I thinking about not falling tho haha.


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