Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Circus, Safari, Bed Bugs...what?

Let's catch up...using pictures!! Here's my weekend and beginning of the week all at once.

We visited Joe's work this weekend. He's employed at one of the craziest decorated places ever, and I love finding new things every time we visit!

Fun wall of mirrors. Don't be jeal of my long legs.

Fireplace in the Circus Circus Conference Room

Such a beach babe.

Part of the cafeteria. Beautiful.

Safari Building...

Chevron wall.
And right now, I'm on the road again for work....
Hampton Inn has the best breakfast around. #Free #Cheapskate
Good workout. And I got the Beach Babe DVD on my tablet!! YESSSS

WORST conference to host a hotel! Bed Bugs? Gross!
And for my cheese loving best friend at home, I found this wonderful present:
Cow Shaped Cheese. #Wisconsin
I promise to have more fun things to say tomorrow.


  1. Oh the bed bugs just gave me the shivers!

  2. I want that Chevron wall in my house! I have a feeling mine would not turn out with such precision:)

    1. Right!! I don't know how people can do that and make it parallel or even..or whatever the correct term is haha.

  3. Well that looks like a super fun place to work!

  4. hahaha, I'm super jealous of your long legs :) I kind of like the chevron wall, I've seen some ideas for something similar on pinterest, only the chevon ran the other direction!

    1. I work hard for them. HAHA. And I like the wall too! The colors are a bit crazy for me, but it's certainly a conversation piece!


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