Monday, April 8, 2013

Deja Vu

Today I had some major deja vu. It brought me back to April 2011 when I found out at 6pm on a Sunday whether or not I got a dietetic internship. Many people don't know what we go through to get there so I'm going to address that right quick.

To be an RD you have to have a 4 year degree in Nutritional Sciences and apply for an internship. Internships are far and few between, and the match rate is about 50% who apply actually get one. It is a 1 year, usually unpaid hands on experience of what RD's do. The match process is much like doctors matching to residencies. It is extremely involved and stressful. You write personal statements, resumes, have references fill out online forms and submit their opinions of you, pay the schools you apply to, pay the online system and pay the online matching system. For me, it totaled to be $500 in application fees (not to mention the stress haha).

I am one of the lucky ones who was matched to my first choice school, the first time I applied, and I worked my ass off to get that. But today got me thinking about those who don't get matched, and also worked their asses off. I just want to tell them that it will be okay. When God shuts one door, he opens a window -- if there's no window, look for the backdoor and make your dream happen. Getting the internship is not the end-all be-all for making your dream happen. I'm an example of that -- although I got the RD, I don't love my job right now, and I'm working to change that.

If you're an internship hopeful, a nutrition student, or just someone who's interested in the field. Know that I'm here for support or help. I'd love to share my knowledge in help in anyway possible. Shoot me an email and lets talk!

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