Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So, as you may have read I recently became an ENERGYbits Brand Ambassador! I'm in love with all that they do for me. More energy during my afternoon slumps, better workouts and vitamins!  The cool thing about being an ambassador is I can offer you a really good discount! By using the code CarpeTheSangria at checkout you'll get 30% off your order!! Below is some more information, and if you want to try a sample or have more questions...feel free to comment or shoot me an email :)
ENERGYbits give you natural energy without the sugar, caffeine or chemicals. They are 100% spirulina algae, which has the highest concentration of protein in the world--and all for just 1 calorie! I love that there's no fillers or other ingredients in them (making them gluten-free!). Bits come in tiny "bits" (did I really just type that?) that you can swallow by the handful or chew whenever you're hungry, tired, or just want to have a better workout. I usually swallow 5 at a time. But, if you're afraid of swallowing pills that won't work for'll have to chew lol. 
And, for all of my Tone It Up girls out really can't get more LEAN, CLEAN, and GREEN than this. Protein is packed in each bit at just 1 calorie, the algae is NOT produced in a lab and is a food..not a supplement created with chemicals, and it's algae...literally GREEN.
I hope you'll think about being #PoweredByBits :)


  1. My interest is certainly piqued... Would LOVE to find out more information, and maybe try a sample?

  2. Hey Hannah! This is Jonathan from ENERGYbits - I'd be happy to share a sample with you! Email and we can set it up.

  3. Thank you so much Jessica, and thank you Jonathan!! :) I'll send the email now!


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