Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Holy Moly, my blog just BLEW UP today and I can't say thank you enough! I now have over 200 followers!! Hello to all you newbs out there. Take some time to look around. CarpeTheSangria is all about healthy recipes, working out, fun stories and, of course, sangria!

Huge shoutout to MamaLaughlin! Her first feature of me has helped me meet so many new people. Thanks, Mama!

Now, onto some more crazy news. I am now officially a Sweat Pink Ambassador! An amazing community charged with empowering all women to live a healthy lifestyle and kick ass....and who says you can't do it in pink shoes? CarpeTheSangria and Sweat Pink are a match made in heaven. Healthy living with tons of fun! I can't wait to see  who I'll meet and what awesome things are in store...both for me, and you!

In other awesome news...I rode my new bike for the first time! I haven't really been on a bike since I fell back in the 2nd grade. So conquering that fear was cool...along with the 6 mile ride I had that burned 287 calories (gotta love heart rate monitors!). I only paid $20 for my bike, but after today I think I need to invest a little more in the seat...because you sure do feel every bump on the road! My butt is gonna be sore tomorrow! If you're a cyclist I would LOVE some tips on what kind of seat to get! Thanks :)
This route had a serious hill!

Isn't she a BEAUT!
This Friday I will be featuring a brand new SANGRIA recipe in honor of all the exciting things that have happened this week. As always, it will be delicious and make you even more ready for summer (if that's possible at this point).


  1. Found you on mamalaughlin, congrats on the traffic! Bicycling is a great form of exercise. I wish I could ride a bike :p I want to learn where there's no people watching.


  2. I have been wanting a bike for so long. I'm trying to bribe my friend into giving me his because it's just rusting away in his garage!! Bike rides are so enjoyable.

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  3. Found you on MamaLaughlin. Love all of your healthy eating posts! Would you recommend your heart rate monitor? I'm looking for one but not sure which one I should buy.



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