Tuesday, April 2, 2013

How I Live With a Deer

Hello to all my new followers!! Thanks for stopping by from the giveaway and I hope you'll stay a while! I wanted to write a post to help you get to know a little bit about me, besides what is on the About Me section :)

I live with my boyfriend. We've been dating 4+ years and are very in love, but I won't bore you with the mushy gushy stuff. Lets get down to business: the things that we don't agree on.

#1: The Damn Deer
Please don't mind the mess.
I refer to this as "the damn deer" because it's not my favorite decoration in this apartment. I tried to get him to hang it up in the spare bedroom of our new place, but that didn't fly (hence why he hid it in my closet). So, we compromised and it's being hung on a wall where I am then able to decorate however else I want. Joe-Joe is so in love with this deer that it's the only reason he got renter's insurance. He doesn't ask for much and he's a really great roommate...so, I make this compromise. He's threatening to shoot a turkey this year and get that stuffed though. That might push the limit of my compromising. In case your wondering, the deer is a 9 point buck and scored 152 points. I have no idea what that means, but he smiles every time he gets to talk about it. (P.s - this is also a great way to scare the maintenance man that is fixing your closet light. Oops!)

#2: The Toothpaste

We can't be the only couple with different toothpaste preferences! I'm a Crest Vivid White FREAK, while he is a bargain shopper -- aka whatever's on sale. GROSS. Therefore, it's rare that we ever share toothpaste, but when we do there's another battle...where do you squeeze the tube from? I'm a middle squeezer, while he is an end squeezer. He'll be damned if he doesn't get every drop out of that sale priced tube.

And last, but not least....

#3: Socks

I tell him all the time that he wears bags on his feet. They can't be considered socks because they are so stretched out. He refuses to throw them away, I try to throw them away and get in trouble. Someday I plan to throw away ALL of his socks and buy him brand new ones. But that day will come when we share a bank account. Not on my dime mister.

BUT...I find all of his quirks endearing and would miss every single one of them if he wasn't here. I also just read him this and he laughed at every single one because its so true.

-What does your significant other do that bugs you?

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  1. Oh my gosh that deer! It's like you never left Central PA ;) Dane sometimes chews really loudly and it drives me up a freaking wall. It's not that he has his mouth open, I can just hear his saliva in there mushing all around with his food and it makes me want to scream.

  2. hahaha this is all too familiar!!! hmm, let's see what my MAJOR gripes are (there are many ;) )
    -he will clean the dishes after dinner, but WON'T wipe the counter. Hello! Crumbs and spills are gross.
    -this is a weird one: i keep the bathroom freshener spray on the counter nearest the toilet, but when he uses it, he puts it back on the OTHER end of the counter! It's supposed to be by the toilet!!!!!
    -He prefers to have the bed made with the pillows stacked on top of each other. NO. They are supposed to be angled up against the headrest. Am I right or am I right?!

    1. Hahaha. I love all of those!!! And you're so right, pillows are supposed to look nice on the bed!

  3. My significant other never completely shuts a door. I think he thinks he shuts but it never closes all the way, there have been times that I have come to a completely open front door???? Hello! Bought air?! Haha!

    1. that just made me literally LOL. The summer would be the worst! Wasting AC electricity..oh man, now I sound like my dad!

  4. Bahahaha, that damn deer is what nightmares are made of. It'd freak me out on my way to get a glass of water at night.

    If I find dude man's facial hair sprinkled all over my sink again, I might give him electrolysis in his sleep.
    If dude man doesn't stop making up his own version to songs and singing them ad nauseum, I'll lose my mind. Or fantasize about punching him in the throat. (I know that sounds harsh, but he takes every obnoxious song and makes it worse. Every good song? He turns it to something horrific. I guess you could say he's talented.)
    Also, the stickers that you find on fruit go in the trashcan, not on the walls of the sink, not on the counter's edge.

    Truly, I love my husband, but I think he dreams of ways to pester me. And he succeeds.


  5. Haha I loved this post. My boyfriend and I live together as well and he is a toothpaste end squeezer and I'm a middle squeezer like you! Oh, and you should totally start hiding one sock every week or so, so they slowly go missing. Isn't it true there's a sock monster anyway? I always lose mine! haha
    I've loved looking around your blog girl, you have a great space! Can't wait to keep reading, hope to continue to get to know each other :)


  6. Oh no... No, no, no, no, no... Stuffed animals is where I would draw a line. I'd be all, 'Hang it or it goes'. lol!

    1. I know right!! He's so lucky to have such an awesome person like me as a girlfriend. HAHA.

  7. Such a cute post!!! I love the deer....we have many antlers at our house, but luckily my hubby saved me by hanging them all in his "man cave" aka the garage. lol

    My hubs totally drives me nuts that he can't ever relax. Such a weird thing to bother me, but he can never just sit still! At least he gets a lot done around the house? lol

    1. I dream of the day where we have a garage that can be a man cave! I'll let him hang as many dead animals in there as he wants lol.

      Does your hubby cook to stay busy? Cause that would be perfect!

      I've enjoyed everyone's feedback as to what they're bothered by. I mean, it's bound to happen when you live with someone right? Haha

    2. Haha it is for sure a blessing to have a garage! And yes he'll cook sometimes, but mostly his "busy" things include beer brewing and power tools! lol Not necessarily together.

  8. My boyfriend has a dang deer too!! He's obsessed because it was the first deer he has ever shot. I mean he even named it!!! He takes a little too far!! Also, he doesn't have bag socks, but he has a billion pairs. I think he has more pairs of socks than he has items of clothing!!! Haha!!!



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