Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How To: Eat Clean!

Actually, I should probably title that "How to: SUCK IT UP and Eat Clean" as that is what my problem has been. Yes, I know, a Registered Dietitian has trouble eating clean? You 'betcha! (said in my best Midwest accent). I'm just like everyone else...French fries are my love, and a salad is the most boring thing on the planet. Ice cream? Only if its mint chocolate chip and has 4 scoops. So, how do you suck it up and just eat clean?
Here are my tips:
  • Don't start until you know you're ready - I haven't been ready to pass up on eating meals out and French fries before. But now I am. And that, my friends, has made all the difference.
  • Once you commit, COMMIT! - That's right, no more of these eating healthy during the workdays then gorging yourself on goldfish crackers (yes, I've done that...I bet you have too). Eat clean and healthy at work and keep the momentum going when you get home! Grab an apple and get out of the kitchen! Or, change into your running shoes and head out the door right away. I promise, if you're not around it you're not tempted. 
  • EAT CARBS! - This has been one of my biggest struggles, because I know low carb dieting leads to fast weight loss..however, it also leads to an insanely cranky Jess. So, I gave that up. I'm eating clean which now includes fruit, bread and wraps (before 4pm) and sometimes a healthy baked good!
  • Don't get discouraged - Once you hit day 3, you won't miss a thing about unhealthy eating. You'll have more energy and feel better in your skin. PROMISE!
  • Know that you are not going to die. - Enough said.
  • Find a buddy!! Mine is pushing and motivating me every day. Her name is Emily and we met through blogging, and now we're partnering up for the Bikini Series! Randomly enough she went to college in the same town that my boyfriend grew up in! We may live states away, but her check-ins push me to do better! Check out her blog here!
  • Plan out your week - meal by meal. This is another one that you don't believe until you actually try it. As soon as I started to write down what I was having at which meal, all that guess work just disappeared. Without the guessing, you're less likely to slip up and make unhealthy choices.
So there you have it. Tips on how to eat clean and healthy. This is my week 2... so I'll update you on the progress soon :)


  1. A weekly food prep day is huge for me. If i spend a day cutting veggies and making hummas, trail mix, granola bars, or smoothy packets then they are so easy to gab and go i really odn't have to think about it.

    I also keep track of what i eat everyday. that way i can look back and find patterns in my eating, and think of ways to break bad habbits.

    Just a few more!

    1. I agree!! I started my nutrition journal 2 weeks ago and the first week I just tried to eat healthy and tracked what I ate when. I saw that 3-430pm is my downfall of the day...so I make sure to have a healthy snack ready to go around that time!

      Thanks for the extra tips!

  2. You're a doll! Thanks for the shout out :)

    Having a great buddy is totally making all the difference for me. Great tips, too! I love that admitted that as an RD you still struggle. It's tough, especially on the weekends, but after a few days of really sticking to it, it gets so much easier.

  3. These are some good tips! I think a lot of the time its hard to continue the healthy eating when you get home. Just needs to have healthy things ready so you don't open a bag of chips!

  4. We just started eating clean and I love it! It really isn't that hard, especially once you get in a routine. I think its important to have a few treats/cheats every once in a while, or else I'd go crazy. But it's nuts how quickly the body responds and no longer wants junk!

  5. I follow Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Diet Series for all the best information on how to Eat-Clean. You should check it out if you haven't already! Good luck with your journey :)


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