Friday, April 5, 2013

Living Gluten-Free For a Day

Yesterday I decided that I would live (mostly) gluten-free for the day. I say mostly because I knew that I would have my leftover Healthy Chicken Fried Rice for lunch, and there was soy sauce that "may contain gluten" in it. 
Why? Sometimes I don't feel the best after eating bread. Then again, maybe it's the amount I tend to eat in one sitting. I'll think about that later. But it was also a challenge that I've been meaning to try. As an RD I know so much about how to be gluten-free and I can counsel you on it all day--but I can never say "I know how it feels." I think by practicing what I preach I can relate to clients better. So that's the background, and here's how it's gone so far:
Breakfast: GF Van's Waffles (these are amazing), peanut butter and banana slices. I put it together like a sandwich and always get jealous comments from on-looking co-workers. You have to toast the GF waffle (like all waffles, duh) but I think it's extra important when it's GF or else it tastes less appetizing.
Snack: Apple. Boring, but it's all I had.
Lunch: Salad, Healthy Chicken Fried Rice, Clif Bar, ZICO Chocolate
Snack: Banana, again, boring but it's all I had.
Dinner: PLANNING on having: Fancy Chicken Sandwich from restaurant that offers GF bread.
Also, I went for another run. After all, Tone It Up told me that running and squats will make my legs look awesome. When they tell me something, I listen. I bet my mom wishes I acted like that towards her when I was younger. Haha
 Have a great weekend!

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