Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Scaredy Cat

The Midwest has been blowing up with Thunderstorms over the past 2 days!! And Wisconsin is no exception. I've seen some crazy lightning and heard some loud thunder throughout my stay in this boring town I had to visit.

As I ran from the school I was at, to the car I drove in, I got to thinking about all things that I was scared of. Here's a breakdown:
  • Heights: I developed this one at some point in my teenage years. When I was little I would always jump off of the high dive, even dive off of it with no problem. Then, I just stopped. THEN I started to get vertigo when I would look over ledges or see really high buildings. I did a ropes course last year though, faced a little bit of my fear... definitely don't need to do that again for a while.
  • Scary Movies: Never have I EVER enjoyed a scary movie. Suspenseful movies sometimes, scary movies NEVER!! Joe-Joe always tries to get me to watch them, The Exorcism of Emily Rose and stuff like that. You would think after 4 years he would realize it ain't gonna happen.
  • Bugs, all kinds: GROSS. I don't like to see them, think about them, kill them, or read about them.
  • Falling off a bike: This happened to me when I was in 2nd grade and I've been scared of it ever since! I might buy a bike this weekend-- maybe there's hope to conquer this one yet!
  • Sharks: Completely sane fear and allowable. Nobody likes sharks.
  • Getting hit with a ball of any kind: I'm pretty sure this one stems from getting hit in the head by a bat when I was little. Yeah, my brother "didn't see me" and swung the bat full-on-fast right at my skull. Maybe this is why I'm scared to play summer league softball? It's all making sense now! (In my brother's defense, he felt really bad and got yelled at for a long time by my dad haha).
So, what are you scared of? Have you tried "facing it?"

To end, I'm going to prove I'm not a total Scaredy Cat with this photo...
I'm sorry if you are an animal rights activist, but I date a hunter. This was bound to happen sometime.



  1. I am so with you on the ball phobia! Completely justifiable. Those things hurt!

  2. I am over-the-top afraid of snakes! Can't see them on TV, in a book, etc. I researched this in high school and it is apparently called ophidiophobia. My dad rolled his eyes when I suggested treatment HA!

    1. ahhh, snakes! That's another completely allowable fear haha. I just went to the zoo this weekend and we saw an anaconda.. gross! Hope that doesn't cause you a nightmare! Lol.

  3. I am so scared to ride a bike and I swear I don't remember how even though you know what everyone says. Its annoying because they are so popular around here.

  4. I live in MN and am so sick of snow. What the dealio, Mother Nature??

    I'm not a fan of heights either but at least twice a year I have an absolute nightmare about a bat getting caught in my hair. Gives me the creeps just typing about it.

    1. You guys got hit pretty bad with ice yesterday too, right? It's April and it needs to stop!

  5. First of all.. I love your blog! I am a current dietetic intern!! Planning on taking my RD exam and applying for jobs in the next few months. My friend found your blog and knew I could relate & would love it! But had to comment on the bike! Haha, I have the same fear. I fell in middle school by locking tires with a friend. Terrified me forever. However, I just moved to Charlotte, NC and picked up riding bike trails! It is so thrilling you forget all about falling and only one bike at a time so no fear of locking tires!

    1. Hi!! Congrats on being an intern! I know how hard it was to get one, and how hard it is to keep going throughout the year! I'm so glad you found me :) If you ever have questions or want help feel free to reach out!

      I bet the trails down in NC are beautiful!!

  6. Wow, hit in the head by a bat, amazing your Dad didn't kill your brother!


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