Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tone It Up Bikini Series!

Have you heard of Tone It Up?! I found them 3 years ago right before the 1st Bikini Series...and now, they've launched the 3rd Annual Bikini Series! I can tell that this is going to be the best one yet, because as soon as I signed up I got a Bikini Series Welcome Pack emailed to me! It's 5 pages of motivation, tips and recipes that will help you through even the diciest of days. My goal right now? Tone It Up for my cousin's wedding! She's getting married June 15th and I want to feel confident in that bridesmaids dress! 

Now, in honor of the bikini series I am going to share my Green Goddess Smoothie from this morning. Don't ask me what makes it a goddess smoothie, it just sounds nice. This smoothie also conencides with the 7-Day Green Smoothie Challenge from Katherine at The Real Food Runner! 2 birds, 1 stone..I like it.

First, you'll need to prep some spinach ice cubes. They will look gross, but I promise you that you won't be able to taste it in the smoothie! To make these, add 1/4 cup water to your blender. Fill to the top with spinach, but don't cram it in there, just let the spinach settle where it may. Turn the blender on and blend until spinach leaves appear to have liquefied  Add more spinach in the same manner, and blend. I repeated this step 3 times in total. I ended up with a thicker "paste" if you will of spinach and water. Pour the paste into an ice cube tray and let freeze.

3/4 cup Mango Fruit Blend (from Target)
1/2 cup Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla
2 Spinach Ice Cubes
1 Scoop (or packet) Perfect Fit Protein Powder (found here)

Add fruit, spinach, protein powder and almond milk (in that order).
Blend! You should get a creamy consistency smoothie from this recipe because there's nothing I hate more than an icy smoothie.




  1. Frozen spinach cubes. Genius. Do you just put frozen spinach in the cubes or what's your secret?

  2. Good question!! I use fresh spinach...the kind that's sold in those prewashed packs :)

  3. Looks delicious! I <3 Perfect Fit protein :-)

  4. yum!!! I've got a mango sitting on the counter just waiting for tomorrows green smoothie! Good luck with Tone It Up, those girls rock and you're gonna do great!

  5. Looks yummy! Can't wait to try it out!

  6. What a great idea! Thanks for this def going to do this!

  7. I'm a new runner Wonderbra 7708 underwieres are super comfortable and fit great! Totally worth the price! I bought two pairs and will be buying more.


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