Thursday, May 2, 2013

Road Trip Tips

Hi guys! How are you doing? Great I hope!! I know I'm doing awesome...over the past week I've lost 4.5 inches (between my waist, hips and thighs) and 5 pounds all because of the Bikini Series and ACTUALLY eating clean. Check out my last post for the best tips I have put together on How To Eat Clean!

Anywho, Joe and I are driving down to Memphis, TN today!! I am so excited to meet up with our college friends and to explore a new city. Anyone ever been to Memphis??

Because it's the Bikini Series, I plan on eating as clean as possible and as close to the TIU Nutrition Plan as I can. I have already packed our snacks for the road, and prepped my Protein Pancakes and Bombshell Spell for the mornings!

What's good to pack for a car ride? YUMMY FOOD! It has to be yummy because you're battling all of the McDonald's, Arby's and Wendy's at every rest stop. Here is a list of what I have packed:

  • Apple Slices - Make sure to precut them, you're more likely to eat it if its an easy snack to pick up.
  • Almond Butter - For apple dipping, of course!
  • Kiwi and Strawberry Salad - I had to pack a fork for this one, but I mainly packed it so that the fruit wouldn't spoil while we are away. This is a great way to use up any fruit that is in your fridge.
  • Carman's Muesli Bars - You can find them here: . I love these bars!! They are high fiber, high protein and low sugar. A perfect on-the-go snack.
Another staple of any road trip for me is COFFEE. I get so much enjoyment out of a nice warm (or cold) cup. This time around I already know what I will be picking up: Starbuck's Large Iced Coffee with Soy. Always ask for it unsweetened and add your own Stevia :) The soy milk they use is vanilla and sweetened, so it pretty much tastes like a cold latte. If I go for a hot version, I put skim milk in it. I don't know why, but I hate Vanilla Soy in hot coffee. Weird, I know. And I can't stress this enough, ALWAYS bring your own sweetener. There's nothing worse than putting Splenda into your clean's not natural and will make you crave super sweet stuff more often. Maybe I should do a post on the science behind that? I love talking about the science behind the notion that "Splenda makes you fat."

Now I know coffee makes you have to go to the bathroom a lot, but luckily Joe-Joe doesn't mind stopping. He likes to stretch his knees out haha. And I've built up a really good tolerance for driving 4 hours without stopping. Big shout out to my dad on that one. The last time we made the drive from Hershey, PA to Madison, WI we only stopped 3 times. It's a 13 hour drive. BAM!

But I'd love to know, what are your best road trip tips??


  1. This is amazing! Great way to plan ahead :)

    Please do a post on Splenda! I used to be a Splenda addict in college until I realized how terrible it really was. I don't think enough people know the science.

    You're lucky Joe will stop. I average stopping every 1.5 hours and my husband absolutely hates it! haha I can't help it, girl needs coffee for a road trip.

    Have a great time!!!

  2. I'm not from Memphis but I do live here as of four years ago. You're coming down at a great time as our annual Memphis in May/Beale Street Music Festival is this weekend. The only bad thing, and it's always this way (even a running joke down here now) is that it's pouring down rain and is forecast for the whole weekend. Have a great time anyway with your friends and seeing the travels!!

  3. Please do a post about Splenda! I use it all the time. Not a fan of Stevia. Help!

  4. I'd love to hear about the bad effects of Splenda. This is what my husband and I currently use. Love your info...keep up the great work!
    My boot camp instructor says that soy milk can make your hormones out of whack...not his terminolgy but i can't remember exactly what he said. What are your thoughts on Soy milk?

  5. So helpful! I always DESTROY any healthy kick/diet by going on a roadtrip. No more justifying fast food just because we are on the road!


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