Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why I LOVE Hampton Inn's

Joe-Joe made me promise not to watch Scandal without him, so here I sit, watching a re-run of NCIS on USA instead of my obsession. Ah, the compromises of relationships.

Anyhow, today was another productive yet boring day all rolled into one. Traveling for work means a lot of down time in the hotel room where I check email and try to be productive, only to find there's nothing to work on. So, I decided to workout instead.

Actually, I started my day the way all normal people getting the free hotel breakfast and stealing a second cup of coffee to take up to my room while I watched Kelly and Michael. #YOLO.

Next, I did my work! And traveled further up north in Wisconsin. I'm staying at a Hampton Inn, and man, they have a really good workout room too. Combined with their bedding, it's why I always choose Hampton Inn's...wait, they have free breakfast in the morning too! With some awesome oatmeal! Okay, so I just love Hampton Inn's in general. For all of the above reasons and their delicious cookies they put out by the front desk (whoops, I'll pay for that cookie tomorrow!).

After working out in the fitness center I decided I needed some vitamin D in my life, so I took it outside to lunge it out. I'm really enjoying seeing my legs get more muscle and less fat. It's pretty awesome.

And after that, I soaked my toes in the pool and talked to my mom and dad on the telephone.

Now, cheers to tomorrow being Friday!!


  1. Yay for Fridays! I love that you are so motivated even when you travel! I couldn't watch Scandal yet either! I fly back to Hawaii on Tuesday and Dane made me promise to wait!

  2. (Catching up on blogs...) Great job! I'm so impressed with how motivated you are while traveling. And I totally agree about the legs! I wore shorts this weekend and felt pretty damn proud :)

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