Friday, May 17, 2013

Touché Target, Touché

Have you seen this commercial? It literally makes me cry.

Okay, so it doesn’t make me cry anymore. But it does tug at my heart. The raw video of kids at the mailbox, or sitting in front of their email remind me of what it was like. What it felt like when I was 18 and found out I had been accepted to my dream school, Penn State MAIN CAMPUS for Nutritional Sciences. Sure, I wasn’t the first kid to go to college in my family--but that didn’t make it any less awesome. What you may not know, is that my entrance to PSU wasn’t as glamorous as you think.
I originally applied to Penn State as a business major (yah, no idea what I was thinking!). The first acceptance packet I received was from a BRANCH CAMPUS. I went to the mailbox, saw the return address was NOT from my main campus dream, opened it up, and collapsed to the floor when I read I had been accepted, to the branch location. “WHAT??” is all I could think. How could this happen? I was in the top 10% of my class, got a pretty decent SAT score, and applied super early... so I did what any girl would do. Cried for 15 minutes, then called my brother sobbing. My brother is Mr. Perfect and always does things right the first time. I’m the 2nd, not so perfect, learn from a ton of mistakes child. I asked him what I should do. And he said, “Jess, do you really want to major in business?" Of course I said no. By this time I had already shadowed a dietitian and decided I would be switching my major to nutrition immediately. He then gave me the best advice ever. Re-apply. It was quick and painless since they already had all of my transcripts and essays. Within 1 week of that day, I was accepted to Penn State Main Campus. That time at the mailbox was A LOT more enjoyable than the first.

Being weird with my brother.
Maybe that’s why Target’s commercial really hits home for me. It’s not that I went to college. It’s that I fought my way into the college of my dreams. I didn’t let the word no stop me. Looking back, it was a great lesson to learn at the age of 18 and something that has changed the way I approach my life. If I always listened to the word no, I would not be where I am today. I would have believed that student advisor of mine when she told me that I would never get an internship. I would have never been accepted to the PSU program, and I would not be a dietitian. I wouldn’t live in Wisconsin with my boyfriend and have these great dreams of doing something that matters in the world. So you see, being told no doesn’t mean that’s it. It means you have to fight for what you want and prove you are worth every chance someone will take on you.
If you’re not-so-perfect like me, it means you have scars to prove you fought your way to where you are. And you’ll keep fighting to get what you want.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. How have I never heard this story before?! I will always remember the time I told your brother I was not impressed with his golf scores. Oh college, I miss you.

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  3. I thought I was the only one that took that Target commercial to heart! Haha! I applied to several dietetics programs, and a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (my dream school) told me that it would be too hard for me. Now I'm a proud Boilermaker and an almost-dietitian! Here's to not giving up :)

    1. Cheers to that! Even a Nittany Lion can cheer for a Boilermaker who's chasing their dreams! Let me know if you're interested in working in the Madison area, I know a few people!

    2. We're all a Big 10 community until football season :) I have a semester left of my Master's, but I might take you up on that come December, thanks so much!


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