Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday Thoughts

There's so much I feel like I want to talk about today!!

First off, I was back early from my business trip yesterday so I was able to sleep in  my own bed (okay, futon...we'll fix that someday soon hopefully). That meant I could sleep in a little bit today and fit in a quick 20 minute walk to get my blood pumping this morning!

Second, everyone was so happy at work today. Between vacations, work trips and the pink eye I hadn't seen some of my coworkers in 2 weeks! It was great to catch up and b.s. around the office :) I may or may not have gone on 2 coffee runs as well...and happy hour with everyone. The group of friends I have found at my work are seriously the best. I enjoy every single one of them and feel blessed to have met them. Especially since I was transplanted into Madison without knowing anyone!

Third, have you seen this video? Please watch it. It's 20 minutes and I guarantee you will feel uplifted and inspired. Maybe that's why I had such a good day today? May angels lead you in, Zach.

Fourth, I had an awesome workout. I can really feel my abs getting stronger! I used to shake a lot more when I would do planks and plank variations...but not anymore! It takes at least 2 rounds for my stomach to start twitching. That's a really big win in my book!!

Tryin' to get abs by summer! :)

BONUS: A rundown of my day. I also really want to know how K&K had the courage to start their business. Always been curious about that one.
 Have a great night y'all!

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  1. I am so motivated by all your fitness posts! I have 0 motivation even though I spend 90% of my time in a swimsuit


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