Monday, May 13, 2013

Where Have I Been on the Weekends?

Hey guys!! I've been going MIA recently on the weekends and I'm sure you've been wondering where I have been!

Two weekends ago, Joe-Joe and I traveled to Memphis, TN to visit friends. We drove through the night which was less than fun in the never-ending rain! 10 hours later, we arrived in Memphis and immediately took naps. But then other friends arrived and we got up, had fried chicken at Gus's (which is a pretty famous place) and relaxed as we waited for a few more to show up. Friday night we explored Beale Street in the rain. Saturday, we explored it in the sun! I found $200 on the ground that day which made the trip even better!! I bought the BBQ for lunch, since I was now rich, and even let Joe buy some sauce to bring back with us. After that we went home and played some yard games, cooked out and enjoyed hanging out like we used to in college (super nostalgic weekend, made me miss PSU so much!!). Here are some pictures!
Pretending we're still in college!

My love.

Love this pic! Joe and I holding hands walking down Beale.
The view leaving Memphis!
This past weekend my parents, brother and dog came to visit!!! We went camping in Iowa on the Mississippi and it was beautiful! The weather, once again, didn't cooperate. It was so windy which made sitting by the fire hard. But, I was with my family so it was still a great time! I was also able to be with my mom on mother's her! Here are a few pictures!
My mom, dad and dog Vinny!

To end the weekend, I decided why not get pink eye?! Ah, yes. I haven't had pink eye since the 10th grade and I really forget how awful it is. I'm wanting to scratch all day and nobody wants to come close to my face. Joe-Joe warned me to stay away from his pillow or else all through the night. So, while I'm quarantined I've planned my meals for the rest of the week and cleaned the kitchen!

Hope you guys have a great week!! 


  1. VINNY! That little fluff muffin needs a summer haircut, don't ya think ;)

  2. Where did you go camping in Iowa?? I live in Iowa so just curious!! :) Sounds like a couple of fun weekends though!!

  3. Jess, really liking the blog!

    Kait, groomed Vinny today, he is now summer ready. You should have seen how much fur I got off of the little guy!

    I wish Pikes Peak wasn't 16 hours away!! It is a real great campground. Highly recommended!

    1. Maybe I'll do a post on how to build a fire...and have it ready in less than 2 hours ;) Haha.

  4. I think I will ignore that!

    For the allergies -


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