Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alcohol and Weight Loss

Summer is here and with the nice weather comes cookouts, swimsuits and BOOZE. But let's face it, alcohol contributes a significant amount of calories to our diets and doesn't help our waistline. At 7 calories per gram of alcohol, it adds those calories without giving us any sort of nutrient in exchange. In the nutrition world, it's called: "empty calories." And much like other empty calorie foods...Oreos, chips, fries... our bodies can live without it.  I'm not saying a glass of wine is as unhealthy as an Oreo, but what I am saying is that moderation is key. I hear all the time from people that they want to lose weight, but then they cripple themselves by not giving up alcohol. Why, when on a "diet" do we give up unhealthy foods like cookies, crackers and chips, but we won't give up alcohol? It's a question that I find myself wondering about frequently. And I blame the research world. People have contributed to their own disillusionment by creating every study under the sun possible to prove that drinking alcohol is good for us, when in fact, we should have been studying why it's not. Think of it this way...Dr. Oz tells you that acai berries help you lose weight, and America goes out and buys MILLIONS of dollars worth of acai berries! We believe research studies. And research studies have told us that a glass of red wine a day is good for you. Lets not be naive and pretend that you leave it at 1 glass per day. 1 glass is 6 oz. I think the wine glasses I own fit at least 13oz of fluid in them, and your darn right I fill it up most of the way on my Friday night.

So, as my father would say.."whats your point"!? My point is that I want you to think about it. Think about why you're so willing to give up a cookie, but you refuse to put down that glass of beer, wine or liquor. Do you really need it? Are you using it as a cop-out? "I had a hard day, I need my wine." Why not drink some sparkling water or even a diet coke!

Before you get mad that my blog is Carpe The SANGRIA and I'm talking about not drinking wine... calm down. I drink alcohol on the weekends. Not both nights and not every weekend. That's how I'm helping to control my weight -- moderation. And, like all things in life, moderation is key.

I'd love to hear your opinion!


  1. I am with you on this! I think moderation is key and try to practice this as well and always think about not wanting to work off all those extra calories if I don't really need them.

  2. I have really had to balance this in my life too. I love to have a margarita when I go out, but having a Mike's Hard Lemonade on a random Saturday afternoon at home just isn't worth it to me. Many people don't understand & think that I'm being ridiculous, but it's how I keep myself in check!

  3. Moderation is definitely key! When Dane and I started insanity, we pledged to drink 1 night out of a 7 day week. It's worked out and even on those nights we do drink, we know we have an ass kicking workout regime the next morning, so it challenges us not to get pants wetting drunk. Not that that's ever happened to me before.

  4. Totally agree!! Since we started the bikini series, I've gone on a "No Drinking Challenge" until June 21 to help with losing a few extra pounds. Spoiler alert: It's working! I am only a moderate, social drinker too. So, just by cutting out my few glasses of wine/week, as well as adding more cardio and cleaning up my eats, I've noticed a huge difference.

    It's definitely hard after a stressful day or at a party, but it will make enjoying a margarita at the beach guilt free so much more enjoyable :)

  5. Yeah it's been working!! You're looking awesome girl!!!

  6. Whoop Whoop! I loved this post. I am officially on my one-month countdown till my wedding and rather than eliminating everything from my diet, I am just reducing my alcohol intake to 1x a week (WAY more mental clarity..although I think my simultaneous 30 day yoga challenge is helping with that.)


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