Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nutritious Travel Tips

Last night was the first ever EnergyBITS twitter chat! Shannon from (@BadassFitCEO) hosted and she did a great job! I loved the positive energy and fitness tips that were given throughout. And guess what... I'M HOSTING THE TWITTER CHAT NEXT WEEK! My topic is "Powered Naturally by Food." Since I love blogging about recipes, I figured why not make the whole chat about natural foods, recipes and tips! In case you missed out, the chat is Tuesday nights at 9pm EST. Follow #PoweredByBits to make sure you don't miss out on a thing! (Don't know what EnergyBITS are? No Problem...check out my post about them here)
The thought of natural energy can't get out of my head these days. Especially with my upcoming trip home to Pennsylvania with Joe-Joe, I want to be sure to stick to natural and healthy foods. That way my body is happy and content all weekend long! Here are my travel tips!
  • Pack trail mix. Mine consists of pecans, almonds, shredded coconut, dried cranberries and dark chocolate chips. While you're in the car, or at the airport, this will nourish hunger cravings and that sweet tooth. 
  • Don't, JUST DON'T, eat the McDonald's breakfast at the airport. I fall victim to the smell of greasy biscuits and sausage almost every time. And I feel like sh*t after eating it, every time. So just don't do it. Pack a pancake, energy bar, or even a PB&J to starve off hunger. You're body will already feel out-of-whack from traveling, being in a different place and (most likely) eating dinner out, don't make it worse by eating something that your gut isn't used to anymore....I'm gonna have to review this tip at least 4 times before we arrive at the airport :)
  • Lunge it out. Sitting in an airport waiting to sit on an airplane is pretty sedentary and boring. Do some squats, lunges or calf raises while you wait. People will look at you, but at least you'll deserve that nap on the plane you're going to take (cause come on, who doesn't nap on the plane). 
  • Bring a water bottle. It's much cheaper to fill up a reusable water bottle than it is to buy one! I always try to drink at least 32 oz of water before I get on the plane. Planes tend to give me headaches if I'm not properly hydrated. I wonder if that's a real thing, or if I just make myself think it? I'll have to ask my dad, the pilot. Maybe he knows?
  • Look cute. If you're wearing a cute outfit and feeling confident, you'll be less likely to eat the junk food :)
And with that, I welcome any tips that have helped you stay healthy and happy on the road!!

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  1. Water/hydrating is key! Although I try to limit myself on car trips so we don't have to stop EVERY hour ;)

    I totally agree about McDonalds though! Nothing worse and you feel awful after.

    I love to have bars and fruit with me to have something healthy to snack on...for some reasons airplanes make me want to snack. Maybe it's just being bored? lol


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