Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Smile, it's almost Wednesday.

During my yoga class today, we had to hold a really uncomfortable pose for 1 minute without falling over. Luckily, I concentrated really hard and didn't topple over. However, this got me thinking about how awkward it would be to fall into the person next to me. Would it cause a domino effect? Is it okay to laugh if someone else does it? I mean, how could you not laugh? And finally, how long would it take to build up the courage to come back to yoga class? Those thoughts pushed me through the rest of the hour class. Thanks, brain.

When I got home, I wanted to watch some funny YouTube videos. So, please enjoy. And smile, because it's almost Wednesday.

Romantic Prancersize.



  1. Romanc-ersiz has been cracking me up!! I showed Johnny the video and he did not find it as funny as I did. I don't know how you can watch it without laughing like crazy :)

    1. How can he not?! It's so ridiculous! Haha. I guess it's more "girl humor".

  2. Hahaha loved them. I am obsessed with John Mayer and his Paper Doll song debuted last week. So I tried looking it up on youtube that morning and that was the first video posted for that song... Haha! So random and funny.

    1. I saw on Yahoo that his marketing team decided to release it like that. I don't know why, but it sure is entertaining to watch!


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