Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All You Need to Know: White Wine

The other week my friend asked if Joe and I would be interested in going to a 2 night wine tasting event that she found on Groupon. Of course, I said YES! Whites were on night one, Reds were on night two. Monday I was so excited to learn all about my favorite booze, white wine, and taste some good ones too. I was so disappointed when I was told no tasting would be happening. Apparently it's illegal in the small town of Middleton, WI to serve wine not at a bar. LAME!
We made the best of it though and absorbed some really interesting information. Here are the key highlights from night one, WHITE!
Lightest Grape to Heaviest Grape
Riesling --- Chenin Blanc -- Sauvignon Blanc -- Chardonnay
  • When the grape is light, it's also light in flavor and not harsh on the pallet. 
  • White wines never get better than the day they are bottled.
  • If the label says "Sauvignon Blanc," then 75% of the bottle is that grape. The other 25% is allowed to be any mixture of other grapes!
  • Fastest growing white wine region in America? IDAHO!
  • Perfect white wine serving temperature: 44-54 degrees. To get to this perfect temperature, pull white out 20 minutes pre-service.
  • Truly ORGANIC wine cannot be sold more than 15 miles from the vineyard. 
  • Organic GRAPES can make wine and then be sold on the market wherever.
Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc is my current favorite wine!

Now, my favorite..CHAMPAGNE! In 1520 the Monks created Sparkling Wine. Even though they created Champagne, when France trademarked the name Champagne, they were banned from using it. Fair? No. But I'm so thankful that they created it :) Bottles are stored at a 75 degree angle and 1 person turns the bottle of sparkling wine a 1/4 turn everyday! That's dedication.
The big daddy.
Perfect Pairings!
  • Riesling - Spicy food, Asian food, ham, bleu cheese
  • Chenin Blanc - Chinese food, white fish with lemon, seafood, mozzarella
  • Sauvignon Blanc - shrimp/oysters/scallops, turkey (think Thanksgiving!), garlic dishes, vegan dishes, goat cheese
  • Chardonnay - grilled anything, butter sauces, soft cheese like brie
  • Champagne - Asparagus, sushi, lobster, POPCORN!
You better believe I'm hosting a Popcorn Champagne Party soon. Or I'll just make Joe watch a movie with me and sip on some bubbly :)


  1. Champagne and Popcorn?! I'm totally into that!

    Totally lame that they marketed it as a "tasting" and it was really a class, but glad you got something from it.

  2. OMG!! You should totally stop by and link this up with my Thirsty Thursday linkup!! This is perfect. Thanks for this!! I always wonder what to pair stuff with!!

  3. This is awesome! I always just drink whatever I have or someone brings me. I haven't really put much thought into pairings but now I will!

  4. I probably would have rioted if I thought I was drinking wine and then ended up just being tempted by it. Good info though! I never would have paired champagne and popcorn but I am totally gonna try it. I had a wine party last week and I could have used your pairing ideas.

  5. I bet you would not have absorbed all of this knowledge if you WERE able to taste the wines! :) Knowing which pairings are the best is great to know!


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