Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big10K Recap!

This weekend Joe and I traveled down to Chicago to run the Big10K! It was hosted by the Big 10 Network and was kind of the "kick off" celebration for all things sports this coming year. Joe and I were supporting our beloved alma mater, Penn State. We were definitely outnumbered though. Illinois and Michigan State seemed to have the most fans there. Next year we definitely have to convince our friends to come out and enjoy it. The course was beautiful (and flat!) and the weather was perfect (60ish degrees!).

I was really worried about running it. I stopped running outside a few weeks ago because it just got too hot. I couldn't get up early enough to fit in more than 2.5 miles, soI just stopped trying. I also really got into the Focus T25 workout and wanted to give that my all instead of splitting time with running. I was convinced I was going to die on the side of Michigan Ave. Luckily I didn't! What I didn't realize was that although T25 is only a 25 minute workout per day, it really stresses High Intensity Interval Training. AKA, even though I haven't been running, my cardio stamina was pretty amazing. The only pain I experienced during the race was hip flexor related. But I've had bad hip flexors for years now. Race day was a great experience and I crossed the finish line in 1:03!!! So proud of that time because I didn't as much earn it, as I did steal it :)

Here are some pictures :)

Took the back roads down to Chicago, entering the storm!

Prepped and Ready!


Joe did so good! Finished in 0:59!

We met through PSU Dance Marathon, so we threw our diamonds up!
Well deserved pizza :)

First deep dish experience...and it was a good one!
Have you ever ran a 10K? Have you ever had AMAZING Chicago deep dish?


  1. I'm in week 2 of training for a 10k right now. I haven't picked a race yet, but I'm super excited that I'm becoming more consistent with my running! Congrats on your race and that pizza looks AMAZING!

    1. Good luck, girl! It's such a fun distance to run. Make sure you pick one that a friend can cheer you on at...they're good motivation, plus they can hold all your stuff! Haha. I'm so sad I don't have more of that pizza right now!

  2. I have been telling my husband (an avid runner) he should try HIIT because it really will help with his endurance while running, but he has yet to try it!

    1. Men, they never listen!!! Haha. Honestly, I think I would have died without having done HIIT. Tell him that!

  3. My husband and I have a 10K in September that we're training for. I would never consider myself a "runner" so I'm absolutely terrified, but I'm enjoying how I'm able to challenge myself mentally to go longer than I think I can. So we'll see! I'm beginning to get pretty anxious about it!
    I've also been struggling with an irritated hip flexor - is there anything you recommend besides stretching it prior to and after workouts? I'm worried it's going to continue getting worse :/

  4. Ah! I love that you're a Penn State grad! (same here!) We Are!

  5. Hey Kid,

    Excuse me, but one Friday I flew in from Chicago to Teterboro and was done. While I was waiting on the PAX at Midway I grabbed a crew car and headed to Giordano's and bought a partially cooked then frozen deep dish and brought it home in the exterior baggage compartment with the heater turned off. That was dinner that night. You raved about it! So this was not your first deep dish!!

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