Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On Self-Doubt

Last night I was watching my all time favorite reality show, Extreme Weight Loss, and I got to thinking....what am I worth? The woman on the show last night had really low self-esteem and felt that she didn't deserve any of the good things that happened to her. Every time she would hit a goal, the excitement would quickly wear off and she would revert back to her unhealthy habits. But what did those unhealthy habits create? More feelings of self-doubt and sadness. So how do you break the cycle?

I can't say that I've ever suffered from low self-esteem. My mom and dad instilled in me the confidence I carry today. I am independent because my mom taught me how to be; I am confident because my dad told me every day how awesome I was. And I'm lucky for that upbringing. Many people don't experience that and I'm thankful everyday for where they helped me get to.

But that doesn't mean I don't suffer from self-doubt. I am a negative motivator and have been my whole life. I'm the person that says 'I won't get that job', because if I really don't, then I'm not as hurt. I'm the person who pretends they're confident with how they look, but in reality hates the way all my clothes fit. I'm the person with big dreams, but who stifles them so I never end up disappointed.

If you've never felt those feelings before, then good for you--but I don't believe you for one second. Everyone doubts themselves at one time or another, but I'm starting to think its what you do right after that doubt that counts. Does your doubt stop you from chasing what you want? Does it scare you into playing it safe? I'm done letting it creep into my mind. I'm going to work hard everyday to chase my dreams. Self-doubt is done from holding me back ever again. Because as L'Oreal says, "you're worth it." ;)

And with that said, I have a job interview today. Time to get after it!


  1. I have just recently found your blog and I definitely feel self-doubt everyday. I am in military and away from family right now so should be the perfect time to lose weight right? It's so hard not to fall in a bad trap here though and I do good working out then fail at the eating. I needed your post today as some inspiration. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much for that sweet reply :) Knowing I touched even one person's day makes it so worth the thought I had in writing it.

      The struggle between both food and working out is so hard. Tell yourself every day, multiple times during the day that you're worth it and you want to lose the weight for a reason. You'll get there, I promise :)

      Stay strong, and thank you for serving our country...making sure that I can keep writing this little blog <3

  2. Today's my first day visiting your blog. I scrolled a little and was hit with a brick...."I'm the person who pretends they're confident in how they look, but in reality hates the way all my clothes fit." That describes me to a T. I've never heard the term self-doubt before, but the more I reflect on it, the more it opens up a whole new world of feelings and explanations. I'm the dreamer with a million 'wishes', but a bucket list of five so that I don't feel like I let myself down if I don't get to cross everything off. (I realized this just yesterday when asked what was on my bucket list...) Thank you for adding the term self-doubt to my vocabulary so that I can realize when it's happening and adjust. :)


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