Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The 5 People Most Annoying People You'll Meet at the Grocery Store

Yesterday afternoon I went grocery shopping after work. I should've known better since I was tired. But after the long weekend away I had no food! During my trip I ran into the 5 most annoying people you can meet at the store. Enjoy!

  • The Person Who Doesn't Bag Their Fruit: Do you know what was on that checkout belt before you put your apples down?
  • The Person Who Leaves Their Cart In The Middle of The Aisle: The worst. Excuse me while I glare. 
  • The Runner: BAM, right into your cart and scares the crap outta ya. 
  • The Extreme Couponer: Ain't nobody got time fo 'dat. 
  • The Check Writer: Could she BE any slower??

I only included 5 so that you all wouldn't think I was too much of a whiner. Please share your favorite annoying people that you run into at stores!

Luckily to combat all of this (which really isn't that big of a deal, so I shouldn't complain), Daily's Cocktails sent me my prize pack from Kait's giveaway!! I'm so excited to lay by the pool and sip some cocktails this Saturday!



  1. One day I was in the self checkout and this lady walked by extremely close to me, like rudely close, and said something mean but I was totally in my zone so it took me a minute to realize she was talking to me about a cart in the middle of self checkout and then I was PISSED because it wasn't even my cart. But by then she was gone and I couldn't even defend myself :(

    1. I always think of the BEST things to say after somebody walks away too!! I guess that means we're nice people who can't be mean without giving it some serious thought!

  2. Oh my lanta this man tried to RAM into me the other day. I was going really fast and he came around the corner and tried to play chicken with me. It wasn't funny, sir.

  3. LOL LOVED this! I get grossed out every time someone doesn't bag their fruits/veggies. Also, definitely pictured Chandler from friends with the check writer part- I would've probably said that exact thing out loud if I were behind one!

  4. I love the "I thought that was on sale this week for .79 and it rang up $.85, could you check?" Followed by the checker paging someone to go check and find out if it's actually 79 or 85 cents, then comes the awkward silence as they wait for someone to go check and relay back.


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