Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 1 Update

In case you didn't see on my Instagram or Twitter, I started the Focus T25 Challenge this week!! Focus T25 is the latest creation by fitness expert Shaun T --the same guy who created Insanity. It's all about fast-paced routines packed with dynamic, hi-intensity moves designed for maximum effectiveness. This is perfect for me because the excuse that I come up with to not workout is time. Either in the morning before work I say that I'm too tired, or after work I have to grocery shop, cook and update the blog and nap haha. The entire week with T25 I couldn't come up with one good excuse NOT to push play. Here's what my week looked like!
  • Monday - Traveled home from PA, pushed play at 9pm because "it's only 25 minutes, I can do this."
  • Tuesday - Worked, grocery shopped, cooked, watched Extreme Weight Loss and pushed play at 9pm.
  • Wednesday - Woke up before work at 530am, pushed play for 25 minutes, made it to work by 730!
  • Thursday - 530am wake up for 25 minutes.
  • Friday - Worked, came home and did my double day from 4pm-5pm!

Each day that I tried to make up an excuse, the fact that its only 25 minutes pushed me through. And holy moly was I sore on days 3 and 5. Shaun works your abs in every single video, along with your hip flexors. Which are both good because I'm running the Big10K this weekend and I need those 2 things to be strong!

The other cool thing? I dropped 2.5 pounds :) No measurements because I forgot to on STATurday. But I'll definitely give some updates next week!

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Have a great week!!


  1. I'm in complete awe of your motivation! Go girl!

  2. Wow! Congratulations! In addition to the T25, what did your meals look like? Did you continue substituting one meal with Shakeology?

    1. Hey Leah! Yep, I've been substituting the Shakeology in for my breakfast every day. My meals look pretty Lean, Clean and Green except for this past weekend. Saturday I had a sub, pasta salad and dessert :) But all in moderation!


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