Thursday, July 18, 2013

Zoo and Kittens

This past weekend was a whirlwind! Packed with Joe-Joe’s family fun, and seriously, that's not even sarcastic! Let me catch you up on what we did J

Thursday night we flew from Madison to Pittsburgh where we got side-tracked in Detroit for way too long. Because my dad is a pilot, I’m super understanding of delays, but it was still annoying. At least I wasn’t that guy yelling at the Delta Agent at the counter. How embarrassing. Anyway, we made it into Pittsburgh right around midnight and immediately fell asleep (after eating some Cheez-Its) when we got back to his mom’s house.
Friday was awesome. I had the one meal I was DYING to eat while in Pennsylvania, a Steak Salad TOPPED with French Fries. They don’t do that out here in Dairyland, so I welcomed the indulgence. After that, we headed to the petting zoo!!! Now, I know what you’re thinking… “Isn’t she like in her mid-twenties? She doesn’t even have kids, why is she so excited?” Actually, if you’re a girl you totally understand why I was excited. Petting zoo = cute animals = good (mostly clean) fun. I was able to feed a giraffe, baby goats, baby sheep, baby zebra and baby camel. Yes, you do notice a trend. I’m a sucker for the tinier version of any animal. All that excitement really tired us out, so we took a nap. Then rode some 4-wheelers like country folk do.
Here are some pictures of the zoo :)


A little hesitant..


Check out those feet!



What my hair would look like without mousse.

This is what I feel like when I'm in my cube at work... haha

This has the weirdest tongue of all animals that I have fed.

Saturday was the most eventful day of the weekend. We rented some bikes at the state park and went on a 15 mile ride with some of Joe’s family. The scenery was beautiful until about mile 10 when we ran across a woman and her family in need of some serious help. She had run into a tree and flipped off her bike. Her wrist was completely fractured and going in 2 different directions (yuck, this is why I’m a dietitian and not a nurse), her chin had a large flap that was bleeding and most likely a concussion. We waited with them for the ambulance and I babysat their son in the car (because, well, it was a small child and I think all small children are cute. Most of the time they like me too which is just a bonus.) Fast forward an hour and we were back on the trail. Starvation had set in though so I was peddling my heart out just so that I could get some food in my stomach. Luckily, there was a graduation party that night and we filled my stomach with some really good picnic food. And beer.

View around Joe's House

KITTENS!!! Too bad they can't fly yet....
Sunday was the big day. It was my 5th family reunion of Joe’s that I was able to attend. So I know everyone really well. They like me too, probably because I give 100% during the annual whiffle ball game. His cousin's are getting to the age where they're having kids, so there were multiple nuggets running around. And yes, you guessed it, I played with them until they liked me the most. Overall it was a great day and great weekend with his family.
On Monday he flew to Philadelphia, PA for work and I came back to Madison. So I've been missing him this week... going to pick him up from the airport now though!
What are your plans for this weekend?


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  1. So glad you had a great trip to Pittsburgh! Sad I missed ya, but we'll for sure meet up next time :)

    Gotta love the Pittsburgh salad, riding 4-Wheelers, and of COURSE, The Brewery!!!! Best part of Slippery Rock ;)


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