Monday, August 12, 2013

Electric Bill Reality Check

Well, it finally happened. I got a bill in the mail I was SO appalled by---that I immediately emailed Joe and told him all the things we were NOT going to be wasting electricity on anymore. I kind of felt like my dad mixed in with a little bit of Monica Geller.

The things that I told Joe we will not be doing anymore (and that I'll probably be the one to complain about)....
  1. Drying clothes. This is a luxury we won't be playing with anymore. I mean, we have a drying rack don't we?
  2. Fans during the day. The loft gets pretty hot so we've kept the fans on day in and day out to circulate the air that comes from our 1 air conditioning wall unit. That gravy train has ended, my friends.
  3. Using the dishwasher more than 1x/week. Mr. Joseppi is going to have to start washing his share of dishes by hand now.
  4. Forgetting to turn off my closet light/hair straightener/curling iron. Okay, all are my fault and I'm really going to try and stop. Plus, leaving your hair tools on all day is just plain dangerous.
Any of you out there have good energy saving tips? I'm open for suggestions, as is my wallet.


  1. My husband and i have a running disagreement about the dishwasher. He thinks it uses less water because you just throw the dishes in there and run it without running water. I think it uses more. Our gas and electric bill was pretty appalling last month too. I'm trying for fans over night instead of running the AC.

  2. Unplugging toasters, blenders, computers, etc during the day will also save you money. Kitchen appliances still draw energy even if they're off. Plugging everything (within reason) into a surge protector with one big off switch, can prove very cost effective and you only have to remember to turn one thing off (per room or so).

    Upgrade all your lightbulbs. I was actually surprised how the new lightbulbs saved us money and lasted longer.

    Good luck! :-D

    1. Lightbulbs, eh? I'll have to give that a shot!! Thanks :)


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