Friday, August 30, 2013

Winner! And Waking Up..

Congratulations to entry #62, Sharon @ The Tiny Heart!!! You just won the $20 Giftcard to TARGET! Please email me your full name and address so I can ship out your prize ASAP!

Thanks to all who entered! And really, you're all winners because today is Friday and Monday is a holiday. WHATUP to a 3 day weekend :)

Now, on to other important business. Waking up... I spent nearly 30 minutes trying to find a good ringtone to wake up to this morning!! And I couldn't find ANYTHING! I want a song that doesn't scare me half to death at first tone, but something that is really up beat and happy. I'd like to start my day off on a good foot. This is where you come in....what's your alarm wake up tone?? Do you love it or hate it? Please recommend yours if it's super awesome and leaves you happy! (Well, as happy as you can be that you have to wake up and go to work...)

Side Note: Today is "wear your Badger Red to work day." PSHHHH. You better believe I'm rocking my PSU gear! GO STATE!

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  1. Kinda cliche, but I like the song Don't Stop by Kesha. Or Smash Mouth's Allstar. Both songs just about being crazy and living your day to the fullest (in very different ways obvi, haha!)

    <3, Charlotte


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