Thursday, September 19, 2013

Before and After Pictures!

It takes a lot to get me scared. But posting before and after pictures does it reallllly well! Haha. Over the last 10 weeks Joe-Joe and I have been doing Focus T25, the newest workout from Shaun T! It's 25 minutes/day, 5 days/week with a double day on Friday. Now, lets clear some things up....did we do it perfectly? No! It was summer and the excuses were really easy to find. Along with traveling home to Pennsylvania 3 times for family events, concerts and other fun events we got really sidetracked more than once. We did our best to catch up on missed workouts by incorporating more double days! But I want you to realize that I KNOW how hard it is to do something perfectly. And it's not easy to get up and workout when all you want to do is sit on the couch and drink coffee. But, taking these Before and After's really DOES help you. You can see how far you've come and build your own motivation to keep going.  My before and after is more than the numbers, its about the mental switch that I made to stop feeling bad when I wasn't perfect, and just make the next day better.
So here you go....

  • Right Leg 
    • Before = 23, After = 22
  • Left Leg
    • Before = 23.5, After = 22
  • Waist
    • Before = 34, After = 30.5
  • Hip
    • Before = 39, After = 38
  • Chest
    • Before = 35, After = 32

  • Beofre = 163 lb
  • After = 158 lb

Abs are definitely coming in :)

The best feeling is I was NOT sucking in. Just standing up STRAIGHT :)
Don't get confused: this is LONG TERM STABLE! Not one of those cleanses that makes you drop 10 pounds quickly and then you gain it right back as soon as you eat a carb. I've had pizza, pasta, and even FRENCH FRIES while doing this and still got great results.

This has me even MORE ready for my TurboFire transformation going on NOW. These pictures count as my Day 1 on TurboFire. I'll be posting Day 30, 60 and 90 pics along the way to keep accountable.

Where will YOU be by Christmas? Want to join my next Challenge Group? Email me for info!



  1. Those are AMAZING results!!! I'm ready to have my own before and after photos! I am beginning my second round of TurboFire on Monday! I saw body changes, but not a lot of weight loss in the first one so I really want to KILL IT this time! I only have the 20 week program, that came with my DVDs, so I'm curious about the 90 day program, do you have a calendar you can share with me? I loved the 20 week program, but really want to see what the 90 day one is about and hopefully it will encourage me to push myself harder for a shorter amount of time, I got burnt out with the last 4 weeks last time.

    Kim Kent

  2. Thank you for acknowledging that it is hard to stick to everything perfectly. I'm doing the 30 day shred with Jillian and have missed a few days which is hard to get back into it. Awesome results!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks!!! I can't wait to see what I can do when I really buckle down!

  4. WOW! You looked awesome in your before photos - and your blowing me away in your afters! Looking great, lady!

  5. Whoa! amazing results...your hard work definitely paid off! Thanks for sharing

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