Friday, September 20, 2013

New Challenge!

First, thank you so-so-so much for all of your kind words and sweet messages about my Before and After post yesterday!! It means so much to me, and helped motivate me EVEN MORE to buckle down and show you what's possible with TurboFire!

With all of the excitement over the Focus T25 results, I wanted to take this post to announce that I will be opening up a NEW CHALLENGE GROUP! The start date will be September 30th!

I'm looking for 5-10 people who are committed to getting fit with me! We'll combine the world class fitness of Beachbody, with proper nutrition, and accountability! You are not going to be alone in this, and we'll all support each other! Want in? Email me ASAP at :)

Think about it, how many times have you committed to a fitness or weight loss goal, only to fall off the wagon a few weeks or even days later? How many times have you gotten MAD at someone you love because they try to NAG you into working out? How many times have you been upset when someone orders a large pizza in front of you because they didn't care about your goals like you did? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If losing weight were easy ...then there wouldn't be an obesity problem in this country. If getting a 6-pack was easy, we wouldn't look up to those fitness icons of ours! This isn't easy, and sometimes you will struggle, but with my Beachbody Challenge you are NEVER ALONE. There are challengers in a private Facebook page that are going through the same thing. You will sweat, laugh and accomplish our goals together. This page is always open. I will post daily assignments and motivation to help you stay on track. If you truly want to succeed then my Beachbody Challenge WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL!

Where do you want to be by Christmas?


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