Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Things I Never Eat...Things I Always Eat...

5 Things I NEVER Eat:

  1. Donuts - now before you get mad and say "that's just because she's a dietitian..." it's actually not! I hate, and have always hated donuts. There's nothing that a fresh box of Dunkin'Donuts or Krispy Kreme can do to tempt me. Unless you're Entenmann's Chocolate Frosted Mini Donuts. Granny has had those at her house since I was a baby and I could down an entire box. 
  2. Cheez-It Duoz - Words can't describe how much I hate the combination of "Parmesan and Zesty Cheddar" Cheez Itz together in one box. I don't know why they had to go and ruin a good product. 
  3. Juice - Again, I'm just not a fan. We never grew up with juice in the house -- except for Pineapple Orange. We were more of a "Tang" or tea family. So that translates into my adulthood where the only beverages I really drink are water, Gatorade or tea. Although recently sparkling water is tasty too.
  4. Salt and Vinegar Chips - This is the chip I buy when Joe-Joe really needs something processed, and I don't want to sabotage myself. Salt and Vinegar chips have this odd way of making my mouth turn RAW inside. I think the combo eats away at the protective layer inside and I end up with a burning mouth and super red lips. This could also be because I have no self-control with fried potato products and end up eating 1/4 of the bag.
  5. Splenda - Ever since I weened myself off of this stuff last year I can't go back. I would so much rather have the calories from regular sugar than the fake taste of Splenda. The same now goes for Truvia. Because unfortuantely, those high paid ad executives fooled me into thinking it was all natural too. Shame on them!

5 Things I ALWAYS Eat:

  1. Peanut Butter - My mouth waters just thinking about it. Currently my favorite kind is Planters "All Natural" Peanut Butter. It's reasonably priced as well as filled with natural ingredients. No hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrup which is pretty cool too. 
  2. Bread - You heard me. I can't give this up. I've realized that if I DON'T eat some type of bread (or wrap) with lunch, I'm starving by 2:30pm and want to go home and  eat half of the pantry. Mine as well enjoy lunch more and not be ravenous when I get home, right? Also, if you put Country Crock margarine on top, I'm in carb lovers heaven.
  3. Coffee - This is my comfort beverage. I drink 1 cup on my drive into work, and then 1.5 cups from my travel mug when I get to work. It's what makes me happy at 730am on a Wednesday. Even better than weekdays is when I can enjoy 2 cups on the couch on a Saturday morning while watching television. 
  4. Stevia in the Raw - To go along with that coffee. 1 packet per cup. I promise if you make the switch just give it 3 days and you'll make your tastebuds realize the difference 
  5. Shakeology - Breakfast on the regular. I have had this for breakfast 6 out of the 7 days in a week for the past 1.5 months. I've never felt better and love starting my day with a delicious tasting shake that I know is really good for me in more ways than 1! And yes, my desk at work is covered in reusable cups.
What's one food you can't live without? What's one that you could stand NEVER to see again?



  1. I definitely couldn't live without potatoes. Baked, mashed, fried...I don't discriminate! Unfortunately for my health, I could probably go without seeing any kind of seafood - with the exception of tuna.

    Could you tell me more about stevia in the raw? I have always tried to avoid things like splenda, so I have been hesitant about stevia. I definitely don't want hooked on something that is even worse for my body that actual sugar :)

  2. I am with Trisha. I {super puffy heart} potatoes in any fashion. I seriously can't live with out them. On the otherhand I can not stand raisins. I get chills just saying the word.

    I ama Stevia in the Raw fan though.

  3. Woo hoo! SO glad to see that you are a dietician and that you eat bread. That's my one thing I can't live without. I teach spin and have really cleaned up my diet, minus breadl but still managed to lose weight. So many girls in my classes are like "but if I just do no carb, then I lose weight fast". Uh, yeah, but then you add it back in, you start getting fluffy. It's all about moderation, the right kind of bread and even enjoying a buttery biscuit now and then is not bad.

  4. Salt and Vinegar chips are so gross and they DO make your mouth raw. My brother loved them as a kid and it grosses me out to this day!

  5. If you put donuts in front of me, it's pretty much impossible for me to refuse one... especially if it's filled... or chocolate :)

    On a healthier note, I definitely could NOT go with eggs! They're one of my absolute top staple foods to eat.


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