Friday, September 13, 2013

Water Water Water Everywhere!

Mrs. Obama showed up in Wisconsin yesterday!! It was pretty exciting because she was visiting a school in the state, and I work in the area of school nutrition too. When I heard she was coming I immediately thought she was promoting her changes to school lunch programs, again... for like the millionth time. But, to my surprise she was promoting my all time favorite beverage...water! (Well, next to champagne ;) Now, no matter your political views (which I am more than UNcomfortable to discuss in blog format) you have got to support water!! I read articles making fun of her agenda, and others in favor. Me, personally, I think it's great! Kids should be taught water is best and juice, soda, sweet teas and other beverages are only "sometimes" drinks. I love when nutrition is discussed in a national format that gets people thinking. After all, that's only good for my profession and job security :)

So WHY is water so good for us?
Your body is made up of approximately 60% water. EVERY system depends on water to function properly. It regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, lessens the burden on your kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products, carries nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and dissolves nutrients to make them accessible to the body. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you feel tired. If you feel tired, then you can't perform your best. So drink up!!

Fun fact: she visited WATERtown, WI. Maybe a little too corny, but whatevs.

In other water news this week...a large lake the size of Rhode Island was found in Kenya! Such good news for a country that has always struggled to have safe access to drinking water. I hop that the country can put the people first, and figure out a way to use it! Read more here.

Lastly in water news....I've drank 35 oz so far today. What about you?

Have a great weekend!!

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