Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Wrap up

Hey hey there, and happy Monday?! I don't have much going on, it was a really calm weekend (which was totally needed). We went to a friends going-away party on Friday night and then enjoyed some wine at home while watching Friends :) Saturday we watched the PSU game and did some errands. Then we watched the movie Now You See Me with other friends. I am now obsessed with this movie!! It was really entertaining and held you attention the whole time. I suggest it for your next lazy Sunday or movie night.

I also got to show off my new hoodie. I'm in love with it!
Yesterday we drove an hour into the middle of nowhere to a great state park! Joe fished while I read...speaking of which, I can't put down my newest book "Gone Girl." Its no literary masterpiece, but my goodness it's entertaining! The last time I was this invested in a book was...wait for it...Twilight! Haha.

Lakeside View...

And in the food realm of things, tonight I made Roasted Red Potatoes with a Seared Salmon Caesar Salad. It's really not as hard as it sounds, read picture descriptions for instructions!

Quarter red potatoes, spray with non-stick cooking spray, lightly season with garlic salt and parsley. Cook at 400 for 1 hour, flipping half way through.

Brine salmon for 1 hour prior to cooking. Heat grape seed oil (or olive oil) on medium-high heat, place salmon in skin up and cook for 5 minutes. Finish cooking by baking in a pre-heated oven until done to your liking :)
 And this gem came in the mail today! My parents sent us Season 2 of The Soprano's and Disc 1 came like this... I'm really quite a good CD maker. Haha.



  1. Yay for fun weekends! I loved Now You See Me, too! I was skeptical but ended up loving it for the same reasons!

  2. We watched Now You See Me this weekend too! Loved it!!

  3. You look so cute in your hoodie and I can't wait to make those yummy looking potatoes!


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