Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend and My Wish List

How do you like the new blog design?! I'm in love! HubbyJack did an awesome job! Go check him out if you want an update to yours!!
This weekend was my first game day as a Badger! It went great and I got to experience the game from the field!! So grateful to my boss for getting me down there. I think he was excited to see me so excited. I told him if he got me on the field for the Penn State vs. Wisconsin game I'd go crazy...he said sure. BOOM! Can't wait!
That's not a real guy, he just shows off the uniform.

Gave up on my nice shoes by halftime.

Now, onto some of my wish list for November. After buying 2 plane tickets home to PA, I've decided not to go spending crazy this month, my credit card can't handle it :) So, hopefully Mom, Dad, Brother and Boyfriend all check this post out....
Fitness Gear:
Glyder Ninja Crop Legging, Black, Size Small
Endurance Tank, Plum/Lilac, Size Medium
Pretty Much ANY Sweater :)
Kitchen Knife Set
Some of those big glass jars to store flour, sugar, etc.
So there you have it, some of my wants right now!! What have you been wanting lately?

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  1. I love the new layout! I think you are becoming a Badger fan...I like it!


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