Sunday, November 3, 2013

Where Have I Been??

Workin' people!! Haha. My new job started last week and its a DREAM!!  I feel so lucky to have found this job and can't wait to keep learning more. The environment is so laid back and relaxed and fun. A great change :) I work hard during the day and I have a boss who holds high expectations but doesn't micro manage me. Jackpot!!

Also, if you remember my internet issue last week, I was pretty much off the grid because of it! It's hard to blog from your phone. But, the new internet finally got hooked up and I'm back on track!

I start the Beachbody Ultimate Reset on Tuesday, so you'll be seeing lots of updates about my journey. I think that by sharing it with you all I'll be motivated even more to keep going on those hard days!

This weekend Joe-Joe and I went to a Badger hockey game, ran a lot of errands and relaxed on the couch. And currently I'm thinking about doing some online shopping. 

Random post, but stay tuned for some exciting changes to the blog and my next transformation!



  1. Can't wait to see the results! Also aren't you a registered nutritionist?


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