Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Deals Came Early

Happy shopping my friends!! It was pretty much like Christmas today at our house! First, because I invested in some of those Beachbody deals I shared last week. So excited to use it all!! Here's what I got:

-Energy and Endurance Formula - Combats workout fatigue with a quick, convenient dose of natural energizers, nitric oxide boosters, and B vitamins!
-Swiss Ball + 2 Medicine Ball Combo Pack - Because my at-home gym is lacking!

Then, Joe got his birthday present delivered takes up the entire living room.

Props to the first person to correctly name this man toy.
However, it was delivered looking like this and I was pretty disappointed. I waited 4.5 weeks on backorder for this present, and this is what I got! I don't even mind if it was the floor sample or something, but at least put more effort into trying to make it look nice. (Bass Pro Shops)

This weekend was PSU vs. Wisconsin and my alma mater came out on top!!! It was so exciting to watch (even though I was working at the same time). I was able to find my friends out in the stadium and sit with them for the 4th quarter. And this weekend, its PSU vs. Wisconsin in Ice Hockey!! I can't handle all this excitement!

Also, we got our Christmas Tree yesterday! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Tomorrow's workout: TurboFire HIIT 25 and Abs
Tomorrow's Dinner: Cod (I'll post the recipe after I decide if its delicious or not :)



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