Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Workout!

WOW! I'm loving all your excitement over the Shakeology Holiday Giveaway!! A lot of you have been wanting to try it and I'm so happy that one off you will!! There's still time to enter here!
Today I wanted to let you all know about the new workout P90X3! I know you've heard about P90X because it's the workout that CHANGED home fitness forever. Hell, even my dad jumped on board and lost weight with it after his open heart surgery! And P90X3 is going to change things again. It's a 30 minute workout, 6 days a week to change your body!
P90X3 uses muscle acceleration to get your results. Now, what in the heck is that? It’s like muscle confusion, and that’s what hooked so many people on P90X! It introduces a wide variety of workouts that prevent plateauing. P90X3 uses that muscle confusion, along with the research that shows the most dramatic body transformation happens in the first 30 minutes and BAM! (As Emeril would say)P90X3 was born. It utilizes all of the above, a highly-structured schedule and high intensity to maximize your time and effort.
 The base kit includes 16 workouts so you are never going to get bored. They go in 30 day increments which I’ve learned is the perfect amount. After 30 days you are ready to switch it up! The workouts have everything from cardio to strength, pilates, yoga and MMX! 
If you’re thinking “I never did P90X so I can’t do this.” Well, you’re wrong! No matter if you want tighter abs, leaner muscles or a chemical health change, you’ll get it! You don’t have to be in killer shape right now because P90X3 will help you discover your fitness style! The workouts can all be modified and there’s always a cast member showing you how to do it! As I’ve learned with all of my programs, don’t expect to learn everything the first time—it WILL take time, but you WILL get better!
Want to hear another bonus? If you order through me as your coach any time from today to December 31st you’ll receive an exclusive P90X3 baseball cap! Trust me, once you get the results you’re wanting you will want to spread the word about this program!
You can score this awesome deal in Challenge Pack form for $180 during the month of December! The Challenge Pack includes the 90 day workout, nutrition guide, program manual, workout schedule, Shakeology, 30 day trial of the club membership, free shipping and a discounted price when you get the package. (Usually $205) P90X3 CHALLENGE PACK!
Or, you can get just the program alone for $119. The equipment you’ll need are weights, a set of bands and an optional pull up bar. You can still get amazing results with just the band and no pull up bar though! P90X3 BASE KIT!
Here are some of the amazing results....
Email me if you have any questions or want to apply to be in the exclusive fit group in January!!

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