Monday, December 16, 2013


You won’t believe this before and after picture!!



Yes, that’s my closet!!! Haha. I finally reached my breaking point. I just couldn’t stand not being able to stand in my closet and also not being able to find ANYTHING. So, coffee and 2 hours later I had an amazing transformation. I donated a whole bag of clothes to Goodwill and felt so accomplished.

Fun fact: the 2 sets of plastic drawers in there were found in the dumpster room of our apartment complex! They were brand new with stickers and plastic still on them (don’t worry I still Lysol’d the sh*t out of it). And that’s not the only thing Joe-Joe found in the dumpster! He also got this amazing patio set! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US! The apartment complex sent out an email last week about cleaning out storage rooms, so I think they went into a storage room and found stuff people forgot. Which ended up being an awesome day for us! We also found a storage cube, tall fan and a light for in our closet under the stairs. I’ve never been more proud of my dumpster-diving boyfriend.

And on to an even more exciting announcement….. WE HAVE A WINNER!! The Shakeology Sampler goes to KIRSTIN O!!! I’ve sent you an email and I’ll ship out your prize ASAP :)

P.S: P90X3 was featured in Oxygen Magazine this month!! My friend just ordered it and I'm so excited for her!!You can read all about it here!

I hope you have a great Monday!!


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