Wednesday, January 29, 2014

28 Days Into the New Year...

Well, we're 28 days into the new year and I have a question for you: What have you accomplished? What steps have you taken to make the change in your life that you wanted to? Have you started to see some results from your hard work, or have you been cheating along the way?
New Year's always leads us to Resolutions, but a resolution is NOTHING without the follow through. I asked my current challenge group what their greatest accomplishments have been so far and I'm excited to hear what they say. They're really attacking the fitness challenge head on by getting RID of the excuses and pushing play on their DVD players. The biggest struggle for everyone has been...and usually is...NUTRITION!! Do you relate? Despite being an RD, y'all know I struggle with eating properly day in day out as well! I certainly don't eat bad foods, but I do eat too much of the good stuff. Which stops me from reaching my goals just as much!
I want to remind you right here, right now...that THIS MONTHS DIET is NEXT MONTHS BODY!! Do not underestimate the role that nutrition plays in your weight loss, muscle building, and toning!
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