Monday, January 6, 2014

Carpe's JANUARY Special!

I've been listening to the Beachbody January SURGE Live all day today, and I am so pumped up! I find motivation in many places, but this gave me an extra push! It reminded me of why I do what I do.
Sometimes when we get overwhelmed with daily life, we forget about our most important I'm going to tell you all what my most important goal for 2014 is. And, it's to help 100 people change their lives this year. I want those 100 people to reach their goals, whether it's being physically fit, mentally fit or financially fit...I'm going to do it!!

Step 1, is helping you take control of your health and decide to commit to a fitness program and succeed. There are a lot of program options, so I'll help you one on one decide what is best for you and your life, as well as your goals. Here comes the bonus, I'm going to throw in extra motivation for you from me...Every single person who purchases a Challenge Pack and joins my online fitness bootcamp in the month of January will receive a $20 gift card to either Team Beachbody OR Target! You pick ;)

LIMITED TIME! The first person to sign up gets a free TurboFire DVD featuring 3 workouts!

Fill out this form if you want in!!

I've been where (maybe) you are. Feeling like you don't look good, talking to yourself in a negative voice and feeling like you can never change. But I promise you, you can! Give me 45 days and I'll give you a new outlook on life.

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