Monday, January 27, 2014

Relays Headphone Review

Happy Monday!!
Why am I so happy? I was offered the opportunity to review a new pair of headphones offered through Verizon wireless!! I'm not really sure how I got onto the list...but I'm happy I did!

The headphones are Sol Republic Relays. Now, if you're like me you really don't keep track of what the brand new headphone on the market is. Instead, you've surrendered to the fact that your ears will always hurt no matter what you buy.  And if you're REALLY like me, you only recognize the Sol Republic logo because of Michael Phelps at the olympics. (You know, those over the ear headphones he wore as he walked out to the pool deck...). Good advertising.
Any way, I've tested them out and I'm going to share my top 5 reasons for why they're more awesome than what you currently have:
  • Ear Tips in 4 Sizes: I hate when ear buds don't fit in my ears. It makes me question whether I'm normal, or have extremely small/large ear canals. With the headphones, you have 4 different size ear tips to make sure you get the size that fits you perfect! I'm the 2nd largest (Maybe i do have big ear canals? Whatever...).  The cusion is also incredibly comfortable.
  • Microphone/Sound Adjustment Included: Maybe this is "standard" now-a-days, but I still find it to be one of the most convenient parts of ear buds. Especially when I'm walking to work in -20 degree wind chill and someone calls me.
  • Shirt Clip: I HATE when I'm working out and the cords from my headphones jump back and forth in front of me, distracting me like a hypnotic string. Sol Republic took care of that with a little clip. Don't like clips? It's detachable.
  • i5 Sound Engines: Okay, I didn't know what that was either! But it means that the sound quality you get is top of the line. My favorite part is how awesome the bass sounds from Timber, my current running song obsession.
  • Sturdy Plug: I've ruined 4 pairs of iPhone ear buds over the years because of how weak the plug area of the cord is. When I twist it around my phone (even though i know you're not supposed to do it), the cord eventually breaks. Sol Republic made their plug area sturdy (and they include a handy dandy carrying bag!). I'm excited to have a lasting pair of headphones!

There you have it! My Top 5 Reasons why I think you should give the Sol Republic Relays a try. I guarantee you'll get a good workout! Check them out HERE.



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