Friday, February 28, 2014

21 Day Fix: Day 1

Yesterday was Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix for me! I’m still finishing up ChaLEAN Extreme (which I’m loving), so I’m altering the workouts a bit for the first 2 weeks. As a dietitian, and self-proclaimed “healthy eater,” I am excited to get my brain in the game with this 3 week program. The eating plan is going to re-teach me correct portion sizes, as well as TIMING my meals (which I’m HORRIBLE at). My motivation is super easy—Joe-Joe and I are traveling a LOT this spring, one of which is our cruise in May. I want abs and sculpted arms for that baby!

I spent Wednesday night reading through the nutrition guide and understanding what I was supposed to eat and when. Your container allowance is based on your weight and an average calorie burn of 400 per every 30 minute Fix workout. Then you are given a range. My range is from 1,200 calories to 1,500 calories. Yesterday I didn’t eat out of my containers, rather just used them as a measuring guide and poured my meals onto plates. I also found 2 disposable containers at work that are the perfect size for Red and Orange container foods – I’ll definitely be using them to help cut back on the dishwashing! Haha.
Day 1 workout is Total Body Cardio – with WEIGHTS! I love weights. It started out seeming fairly easy to me. I mean, I’ve been lifting heavy weights and squatting with ChaLEAN Extreme, so the leg stuff wasn’t a problem. Then came Round 2, and I realized this trainer is no joke. I had to modify some of the moves because my muscles were burning and my heart was racing. Good thing there’s always a modifier on the screen to show you what to do.
My biggest challenge is tonight and tomorrow. Joe and I are going to Chicago for the outdoor hockey game, and that means eating out and drinking! I know my eating won’t be perfect, but I’m going to do 2 double days to make up for the extra champagne I’ll be consuming. Big bonus of the 21 Day Fix eating plan – alcohol can be built into your program! You just substitute and yellow container for a glass and you’re still on track. Autumn Calabrese (creator of the program) is my GIRL! Love that she included real life into her plan. She also has killer abs which motivate me during the workouts.
Joe-Joe is my accountability at night. He knows that I’m a sucker for coming home and munching on some pretzels or apple with peanut butter on the couch (doesn’t sound bad, but I probably end up eating like ½ cup of peanut butter!!) He’s making sure I don’t sabotage myself. Love him! My other accountability partners are in my challenge group! We all posted our before pictures and are talking about what our goals are and where we struggle. I’m just as excited for their transformation as I am for mine!
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Also, I'm going back to blonde. I think they really do have more fun ;)



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