Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm a Commercial for Hall's Fruit Breezers

I seriously hate getting sick. I'm no good at it. I always say that I want to sit around and do nothing, but when the time comes that I really HAVE to sit around and do nothing....I'm itching to workout, cook or go out somewhere. This weekend I've been a commercial for Hall's and Advil Cold and Sinus. Usually my Shakeology keeps me from getting sick, but there's nothing that can keep you healthy 100% of the time. A couple of my employees came in with colds, and when we all share everything it was bound to happen. So here I sit, cuddled up on the couch just wishing that I could get some cardio in....guaranteed if I was feeling 100% healthy I wouldn't even be this motivated.
I've accomplished some things this weekend. The least important of which include finishing the current season of Top Chef and starting season 7 of Dexter. The more important of which was adding another new coach to my Beachbody Team! I'm so impressed by this girl and the results she's already had with TurboFire. She just purchased the 21 Day Fix and I know she'll rock it out. Can't wait to watch her transform her life -- physically and financially, and the lives of others! WELCOME KELSIE!
I also started reading a new book called "The Compound Effect." If you remember a while back I read a book that kinda kicked my butt off the couch, and it hooked me on personal development. I'm excited to see what I learn from this one!
How's your weekend been?
What are your rituals when you're sick?


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