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21 Day Fix Week 1 Results

21 Day Fix: Week 1 Results
Nervous to post these pictures? Absolutely. But I'm hoping that just one person decides to make a change because of it.

Left = Day 1, Right = Day 6

Left = Day 1, Right = Day 6

This program is awesome. I’m feeling so full of energy, and more and more accomplished every day! You know that great feeling where you actually accomplish a goal you set for yourself? I’ve been feeling that sense of accomplishment every single night. I’m following the meal plan and the results are amazing. Don’t get me wrong, this is a CHALLENGE. You have to decide that you’re going to do it and not let ANYTHING stop you. Not the muscle pain from the day before, not the bread basket at dinner and especially not the ice cream in the freezer. Once you commit to yourself- you can’t give up on yourself.
Day 1: Total Body Fix - OMG. What a way to introduce challengers to the workout program. Cardio and weights. Feels so good!
Day 2: Upper Fix - This is no joke. I ranged from using 5 pounds to 12 pounds.
Day 3: Lower Fix - I always feel like my legs are in shape, but Autumn reminded me that there's a lot of progress to make. I was sore for days after this one!
Day 4: Pilates Fix - This is exactly what you need on Day 4! Your body will love you for the break of not pounding on your joints, but your abs, booty and hips will still get a great workout (and you'll definitely sweat still!)
Friday Afternoons = I need my E&E PreWorkout!!
Day 5: Cardio Fix - You'll torch calories in this workout. And also need a towel :)
Day 6: Dirty 30 - 4 Rounds, 8 Exercises and 39 minutes. A great way to start the day and get a glow on!
Day 7: Yoga Fix - I'm so happy to be doing YOGA tomorrow. I'm BEAT!
All you need to be successful is a set of light weights and heavy weights, or even a resistance band! I would recommend light to be 3-5 pounds, and heavy to be 7.5-15 pounds depending on your fitness level!
So, yes, I'm 6 days in. Is it easy? NO! It's easy to FOLLOW the meal plan and it's easy to know what workouts to do, but its not as easy to say no to the pizza at the employee lunch or the ice cream Joe-Joe insists he "needs." Ha ha. But I know it's going to be so worth the commitment. I have 15 days to show you guys the awesome results you can get!
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