Thursday, March 20, 2014

How To: Survive Hot Yoga!

Today I decided to switch things up and head to a local yoga studio to replace my 21 Day Fix yoga! Not that I don’t love the Autumn’s 30 min version…but it’s spring break here at work so the students are gone and I have time to do whatever I want! Which is a welcomed break, knowing I have a lot of training to do with my employees next week :)

This class is a 1 hour, HOT yoga class! Hot at this studio means 95 degrees! It’s a flow class, which utilizes breath-synchronized movement to link together a moving meditation. It helps to build muscle, increase flexibility and find focus. Which I know we can all use! Here are my best tips for how to SURVIVE and THRIVE in a HOT yoga class!
  1. Dress for it! Tank top, sweat wicking capris and a headband are my staples. I use the No Limits LuluLemon Tank Top because it’s loose fitting, let’s air move around, but doesn’t put me on display in class. No, I’m not that girl that can just wear a bra top and tight shorts into class! Besides that, I wear my favorite pair of capri pants (Lululemon again, I had a really good gift card!). And finally, a headband! Nothing sucks more than having sweat drip into your face!
  2. Eat Right, ALL DAY LONG! So you know that feeling when you’re going for a run and your stomach is full of heavy carbs like that big sandwich you had for lunch? That same feeling in hot yoga feels 100 times WORSE! Because you’re hot and you need to engage your core the entire time. If you want to enjoy the class, eat small meals throughout the day like y our 21 Day Fix plan tells you to!
  3. Drink Water, ALL DAY LONG! Yes, I know, you don’t want to have to go to the bathroom all day….but suck it up! If you’re not fully hydrated, then you’re going to feel light headed in class, or even suffer from muscle cramps. Drink an additional 32 oz before class than you usually would, so that what you’re sweating out doesn’t leave you feeling dehydrated.
  4. Sit by the Door or Take a Break. There is no shame in stepping outside! I do this whenever I feel necessary. I also sit by the door so I can get the nice breeze when other people need their rest!!
  5. Bring a good towel!! I can’t get through any plank series without a good towel. I sweat so much that my mat turns into my own personal version of a slip and slide. I usually bring a beach towel to cover my mat (yes, because I refuse to pay $30 for a special “yoga” towel) and then a hand towel to wipe my face off!
Do you have any tips you live by for hot yoga?


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