Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jessica Grace Fitness!!!

WOOO!! New title and (almost) a new look around here :)
Why the change? While I loved CarpeTheSangria (especially since all my friends started referring to me as Carpe), it no longer reflects what I'm trying to accomplish in my business and in connecting with new people! And I'm pretty sure a lot of people on Instagram and Twitter didn't even know my real name haha. So now people will know my name, and get a hint about what's going on over here even before reading.  Jessica Grace Fitness is not confusing when you land on it. You KNOW you're getting a girl who loves fitness! Don't worry, I'll still feature recipes that I create (or find!), some personal things, and any "ah-ha" moments that pop in to my head along this journey.
Why did I use my middle name instead of my last name? Y'all, my last name is too hard for you to remember how to spell :)
What's my number one goal? To get you ACTIVE in your health and fitness!
What's my second goal? To get you to eat more fruits and vegetables. After all, I'm still a dietitian!
If you ever have any questions or comments for me, please send me an email! Yes, that changed too. I'm always here to help and to motivate. Don't be shy :)
That's all for today, thanks to checking in!
You can still find me on Twitter @JessGFitness, on Instagram @JessicaGraceFitness and on my Facebook Page 

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